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Nov 14, 2020
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Hello everyone,

as many of you probably know I have began archiving Tamagotchi books and interesting content, I even have uploaded the first ever scans of some books! Because of the rapid progress I am making, I thought it would be only natural to make a thread dedicated to my findings and here it is!

My only request is that if you repost any of these scans PLEASE credit whoever scanned them, especially mine. I know none of us technically own the content within the books but I am buying these books specifically to scan so other people can enjoy them without spending a ton of cash. Plus, scanning can be really tedious! Speaking of, if anyone has scans or books they are willing to donate that would awesome but of course no one is obligated to!

If you use something from this archive that isn't mine, a link back to here would help me out a lot so people can find this page!

:hitodetchi: F.A.Q. :hitodetchi:

Will you be posting Manuals?

Manuals are not being archived by me considering they are almost everywhere on the internet and would take forever to list anyway.

Who scanned ____?

Any scans with a specified scanner is credited within a document file in each folder.

I scanned ____ and I would like to be credited/removed!

If you have a scan listed and would like to be credited, uncredited, or removed, DM me!

My Scans

Tamagotchi Angel Encyclopedia

Osu/Mesu Encyclopedia

Other Scans

Tamagotchi 4U Guidebook

Jetix Magazine scans

1997 Nintendo Power article

Misc manga stuff


Art and curios

Misc Ads

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mimitchi ^o^

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Mar 11, 2010
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You are a freaking saint!!!

Edit: I noticed in the very back of the Osutchi Mesutchi book theres an ad for an umino/Ocean book? I'm googling all I can but I can't seem to find it, I wonder if it was made?

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