Umi no tamagotchi (ocean) weird road to adulthood

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Jun 26, 2020
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Four days ago I received and started my very first Ocean tamagotchi run. To summarize, I went from Planktontchi > Kuragetchi > Ototochi > Kaitchi

Here's where it gets a little WEIRD. I took perfect care of planktontchi and then got a fully disciplined yet neglected kuragetchi to evolve into ototochi. Problem is I wanted Kingyotchi for a chance at kaitchi for a hope of Ningyotchi. Since I got otototchi, I decided to take perfect care of ototochi to see which of the good care adult I would get. Ototochi evolved 47 hours later into Kaitchi while at full discipline and hunger hearts. What are the odds? I thought discipline had to be pretty low! 

Almost immediately after evolving into Kaitchi, it got attacked by the polar bear for the first time because the initial discipline was too low to fight it off and lived. I'm not sure if I can still get Ningyotchi due to that, but we'll see!