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Jun 12, 2021
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Sorry about this, I almost immediately found the answer, I just needed to use the care option, I didn't realise that the term morino was used more widely that mori de hakken until i was filling in the tags on this post and I didn't think to check again before posting, my bad, I'll check more thoroughly in the future!



I recently bought a morino and yesterday I started it up, everything was fine. When they woke up this morning they seemed the same as the night before but around ten o'clock (approximately 24 hours after i turned it on) it became this strange cocoon, I copied the design out and attached it to this post.

On the overhead view they're not moving which initially made me think it was just a cocoon animation between stages but they've been in this form for a while now and their hunger and happiness meters aren't frozen like I assume a cocoon's would be.

When I try to feed them the leaf just sits next to them, eventually it takes me back to the food select screen and looking at the stats screen shows that their hunger meter hasn't changed.

When I try to play a game nothing visually changes but it will ignore the next button input I press.

All the other functions like menu navigation, the clock, and muting the tamagotchi are working so it seems like it's just the tamagotchi that's not working.

I looked around for what it could be but i can't find any documentation of this form.

My only thought is that this is some sort of emaciated form from keeping my tamagotchi's weight too low since I read that weight affects growth on this tamagotchi and the pixels in the lower right of the sprite resemble a cane but I'd think someone would've doccumented that if that were the case.

Any help or information would be appreciated!


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