Updates on my Tamagotchi Pix

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May 10, 2022
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Hi! I recently purchased the purple sky Tama pix! I'm so happy to be welcomed here so kindly! Today, my Tama (steve harrington is his name) aged up! I do have some questions, but you can totally check out my other posts/threads for my questions and tips! Here's a tip that's very commonly asked.
When trying to open the battery case, don't try to unscrew the screw fully or with a Philips screwdriver, use a flathead! Also, press down on the middle and slide back, then pry up the back piece that you slid out (this is the easiest way, but doesn't work unless you unscrew the screw a little bit). Another option is to add a drop of oil to the screw (after unscrewing the screw with a flathead driver), wait a few minutes, and try to pry out the lid again.