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Aug 7, 2013
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I'm thinking about making a "complete" guide for the V3 connnection. One post with most the information one could need about the V3 (I can't go around posting customer reviews, can I?). What I have isn't all of what I plan to put in this guide, but tell me what you think:


growth chart
Osumesu21's over at Tama Zone: https://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=21520
"How well you take care of your Tamagotchi" is determined by the number of care misses. You miss when it calls for attention and it goes away without action on your part. If I remember correctly, an attention call will disappear after 15 minutes. Correct me if I'm wrong :p

shop codes
ABBA ACBA for cake—600 GP
BCAB ACBC for steak—800 GP
CBAC CABC for cuckoo clock—4 000 GP
AABB CACB for RC Car2—2 800 GP
CACA BABC for stuffed animal—2 500 GP
ACBB BACC for hairgel—400 GP
BCBC CABA for love potion ("honey")—2 000 GP

  • cake fills all happy hearts
  • steak fills all hungry hearts
  • cuckoo clock, when selected right before the turn of the hour, will emulate a real cuckoo clock
  • RC Car2 is a toy that looks slightly cooler than the regular RC Car, heh-heh
  • stuffed animal is a SINGLE-USE Nyatchi costume (characters wear costumes until they go to bed)
  • hairgel is hairgel :p
  • love potion makes two Tama who already have a good relationship fall in love (only need one)
These are free when entered for the first time.
The last of the seven codes one enters will not give that item; one will receive the Hohotchi costume (which one can only obtain once).
The item one would have received in place of the costume will cost, so I recommend saving the hair gel code for last, as it is the cheapest.

Pen: 63532 86367
Clone ("!!"): 32479 91490

special events
Valentine's Day, 15:00—chocolate heart available in shop
14 May 15:00—noodles available in shop
14 October 15:00—cookie available in shop
Christmas, 14:00 pm—dancing snowman
Christmas, 15:00—dancing Christmas tree
Christmas, 15:00—cake or turkey available in shop
Christmas, 23:00—a visit from santa and a present (don't actually get anything)
Your birthday, 10:00—yogurt available in shop
Your birthday, 15:00—large parfait available in shop

codes, since Tamatown is no more (username: WITTY)
99796 78614 (Sp. Key)
47166 07454 (Key)
32564 65071 (City Map)
27380 43009 (Text Book)
31774 03579 (Computer)
98644 82826 (Medal)
44660 64869 (Trophy)
26174 04102 (Balloon)
95252 69572 (Baseball Cap)
83902 39386 (Teddy Bear)
56692 85149 (Poster 1)
64126 36692 (Poster 2)
44190 42751 (Poster 3)
54996 55686 (Bandai Ribbon)
28372 50406 (Rare Shoes)
08574 10332 (Suitcase)
50900 50046 (Mic)
51156 65038 (Skateboard)
40318 33308 (Skis)
00884 64125 (Palm Tree)
27134 42744 (Surf Board)
20500 82332 (Panda Bear)
17716 70799 (Maracas)
40446 00888 (Cellphone)
01588 74287 (Bicycle)
00638 02572 (Ring)
28468 49231 (Cape)
46420 63418 (Crown)
25652 76743 (Famous Picture)
33332 82495 (Rare CD)
69534 14799 (Golden Tamagotchi)
...Yes. I saved everything but the passport.
*facedesk* :lol:

shop items (minus the food and shop codes)
infinite use:
ball, 200
bow, 500
umbrella, 500
weights, 600
bow tie, 700
cap, 700
lamp, 700
building blocks ("BLDG blocks"), 800
sunglasses, 800
RC Car, 1 000
shirt, 1 000
wig, 1 000
wings, 1 000
action figure, 1 400
doll, 1 400
boom box, 1 400
music, 1 500
RC Toy, 1 500
rollerskate, 1 800
shoes, 1 900
mirror, 3 000
gramophone, 5 000
TV, 5 000
throne, 5500
royal costume, 30 000 (in donations)*
make-up, 80
plant, 80
shovel, 80
pencil, 110
chest, 200
fishing pole, 500
music disc, 500 (and it will break your 1 400-Gotchi Point boom box)
lamp, 700
all tickets:
Chile—2 200
Hawaii—2 200
Australia—4 400
China—5 000
Switzerland—5 800
One doesn't actually need to go on the trip to get the souvenir via password
*After obtaining the ring, cape, and crown, you get this automatically. Actually donating is not required; the passwords will work, regardless of whether you actually donated the respective amount for each souvenir.

I don't remember if "DARTS" is single-use or not. Reply if you know~

instruction manual

If they aren't listed here, I didn't use them.

Tip on filling the training bar: Pause the Tamagotchi at night. There'll be more attention calls (i.e., chances for you to train) because your Tamagotchi will be a child longer; Tamagotchi don't age in pause mode.
Tip on catching those elusive wiggly lines: Have only one hunger heart filled at any time. This way, you will catch it every time it is about to go (they go at the same time they lose a hunger heart).


Half of a rough draft :) Some other things I plan to add are tips on IR communication, linking the compatability chart, relationships, detailed descriptions about all the games, that extra money you get playing games over IR if you donated x amount of money to the king, and a few more things. Maybe how many gotchi points one gets (at every point) in each game.

If I've done something terribly wrong, tell me :D

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Aug 7, 2013
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I've already got a few things jotted down that I'll be adding, but is there anything in particular you guys want me to include?

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