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Aug 12, 2006
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Hello! I just got my V3 Connection today and I have a problem: the baby Tamagotchi's happy won't go up via Game. I have the Get Note game and I play it and get about 20 pts but my Tama's happiness isn't affected. I give it snacks and it makes the happiness go up but not the game. What gives?

in v3, you have to play games and have a high point to get it to be happy. you have to play it perfect or get a high point. to get a perfect in get musical note, you have to have 100 points.

Yeah. If you get a great or excellent, then the heart will go up. The more better you do... the more hearts it will go up.

Alright now I have a new question. Sometimes I'll be missing a heart or two from Happy and I'll go to play with my Tama and he doesn't want to. So I give him a snack to raise the Happy bar and after this he will play. What gives?

Your Tamagotchi has to be at least 3 pounds overweight to play.

Your Tamagotchi has to be at least 3 pounds overweight to play.
Aah! So it's not necessarily a bad that I have to give it snacks to raise the Happy sometimes.


to make the happiness go up, u need to either feed it lots of lollies (but that makes the tamas weight go up 2) or play some games. i hope i hav helped


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