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Feb 5, 2005
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Hello - Welcome to Seriously Tamagotchi - a new, friendly forum where all members are welcome. Discuss anything tamagotchi as long as it is in a sensible and mature way.

The difference between here and the other forums on TamaTalk is that in Seriously Tamagotchi the site rules are going to be very strictly enforced and all topics will be checked before they appear on the forum.

This way, no one in Seriously Tamagotchi has to put up with things like pointless topics, rude or spam replies, naming and shaming, argumentative behaviour, etc., etc.

Anyone who breaks the rules in Seriously Tamagotchi will be stopped from spoiling everyone's enjoyment and won't be able to post in this area.

If you break the site rules in Seriously Tamagotchi, we're not interested in any excuses like (for example):

"I'm sorry, I forgot that was against the rules…" or

"It wasn't my fault - the other member was saying rude things to me" or

"I wasn't me it was my brother - they used my account" or

"I was just hyper - but I calmed down - pls let me back onto the forum"

If you want to start a new topic ask yourself if it is right for this forum - could it be better placed in What's On Your Mind? or one of the Help forums?

If you start a new topic please make sure that it doesn't break the site rules before you post it. The same thing especially applies if you post a reply to a topic or quote another member's post in this forum.

Remember this is a special area for focused discussions and we want all members to act in a sensible and mature way. Here's a link to the TamaTalk Site Rules - keep them handy and enjoy Seriously Tamagotchi :(

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