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[SIZE=15pt]Welcome to TamaTalk.com!

The goal of TamaTalk.com is to provide you with a place to gather, talk and learn with others about the exciting new generation of Tamagotchi virtual pets. We want to welcome our Tamagotchi Plus (Japan), Tamagotchi Connexion (UK) and Tamagotchi Connection (US) pet owners and future pet owners to this forum.

So come on in, look around and check out the features and information available to you. You can read and post messages, respond to and start new polls, email, private message, get to know other TamaTalk users and more! We hope you enjoy what we have to offer. We look forward to hearing from you and exchanging suggestions, tips, tricks and news. Feel free to message the Admin whenever you see one online to say “hi!” or post your own ideas for what we can do to make this better! This site is for you, the Tamagotchi pet owner! Welcome to your community! :)

PLEASE NOTE!! Unregistered guests to TamaTalk do not see all areas of the community. Don't miss out on all of the fun! Registration is FREE and EASY! Click here to become a member!


Thanks for stopping by! :D

-The TamaTalk.com Team-

NOTE – We’d like to thank www.TamagotchiConnections.com and www.TamagotchiConnexions.com for sponsoring this site!

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