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Other places have Tamagotchi Graveyards... Or a Tamagotchi Cemetery... Not TamaTalk! We choose to celebrate the return of our beloved virtual pets to their home.

Submit a small memorial to your pet(s) for others to share in your celebration. Rest assured in knowing that all submissions are moderated to keep out spam and other unrelated posts.

Want to submit your memorial? Start a new thread and use the basic form included below (also included in the new thread window) to include your pet's information and a message.


Tamagotchi's Name:

Tamagotchi's Age:

Date of Birth:

Date of Passing:

What Generation?

Other Information?

Your Comments:


*Please remember that all messages have to be approved before appearing! This will cause some delay (usually less than 24 hours) but result in a much cleaner memorial area for everyone.

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