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Dec 23, 2017
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Is that why you're called Penguin Keeper? Because of Linux??? :)

Open source is the best!
Amazingly enough, my love for penguins and my long-term use of Linux are entirely unrelated! :lol: I'm called Penguin-keeper because, when I signed up here, my collecting-goal was to obtain all of the dedicated penguin virtual pets that had ever been made - which I later succeeded at, since there are surprisingly few of them (I had to roll in a few multi-pets I wanted that also contain penguins, just to keep that goal interesting for longer).

Still, these are exciting times for Linux gaming, especially now that the Steam Deck has been launched and the further implications of Valve's investments in Linux are bearing fruit and benefitting all players, not just those with Steam Decks. 👍 Proton is in a great place and only getting better, and interest in releasing native builds seems to be increasing even though some folks were understandably concerned that Proton would harm that.

Anyway, on that note, I built the desktop version of RetroPie for a couple of my x86-based Linux boxes, too, since I've been very happy with my occasional use of it on my Raspberry Pi units, so there's some more gaming goodness right there. :biggrin: I might start up Game Boy Tamagotchi through that at some point, since it'd be nice to play it on a larger screen and on a device where there's no danger of losing the saves due to the SRAM battery expiring. I could open my cartridge, sure, but it's not like I game as often on my Game Boy hardware these days, so that feels like a waste of effort and a waste of a battery. :tongue:


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Apr 30, 2022
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California, U.S.
I've been lamenting how little time I can spend on gaming nowadays, but I've been slowly replaying the original Quake on my PS4 on Nightmare. I'm about to finish it, in fact -- just the final level of Episode 4. I'm not sure I could handle playing the expansions on Nightmare -- I already played them on Normal, and they were harder than the main Quake episodes for sure (part of that is probably because I grew up playing original Quake, but the expansions really do step up the difficulty). If I eventually go for a Nightmare run on the expansions, I should probably practice on Hard first.
I love the original Quake. 💙 I love everything about it -- the environments, the atmosphere, the weapons, the enemies.

Up next, I have Alan Wake Remastered (PS4), Aliens Fireteam Elite (PS4), and the classic Dooms on PS4 to play. Apparently I'll also be playing classic Doom on PC sometime soon for the first time in YEARS because a Facebook friend of mine invited me to play with him and offered to send me everything I need to download. It will be interesting and fun to do PC gaming again. I've been hesitant to do that since I use my computer heavily for my work and don't want to affect its performance, but hopefully just classic Doom will be fine. And this ASUS computer I have now is technically a gaming computer, lol.