What is a Tamagotchi Ancestor?

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Sep 5, 2004
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I see a few topics that are very unrelated to Tamagotchi Ancestors. So, I just thought I would clear it up :) .

Admin put it best here:

A place to discuss the first wave of Tamagotchi pets and their many variations from the late 1990s.
They are the first series of Tamagotchis ever released in the world. They came in many differnet colours, shapes and sizes. They did not have a Infared connection (however, some linked but not with IR). Tamagotchis that fit into this catergory are:

  • Tamagotchi P1
  • Tamagotchi P2
  • Angelgotchi
  • Umi-no/Ocean Tamagotchi
  • Mesu/Osu Pair (Tamagotchis that link and breed)
  • Santagotchi
  • Morino
  • DevilGotchi
  • Yasashii
  • Tamagotchi BoardsGame
  • Tamagotchi Calculator (Mecagotch)
  • TamaOgotchi
  • Mothra
  • Tamagotchi that was released with a Japan Airline
  • etc..
Please only post about these Tamagotchi's here. -_- This topic will be left closed to stop a flood of pointless questions and annoying posts... If you have a comment (or I have left something out), please PM me and I will answer it ASAP and I may even add the comment here.

Thank you!


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