Yoink and Friends - A Gigapet Frog Log


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Jul 1, 2024
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I was debating whether to start a log since not a lot of people will see it, but I figured it would be interesting to try!

I got my remake floppy frog a day ago on the 5th. When it arrived it was on, and the screw in the battery compartment was stripped. I ended up getting it out eventually and threw out the old screw, so now the battery cover is taped on.

Today I started raising my frog. His name is Yoink, and he's currently a tadpole. I messed up a bit at first and he got too hot for a while, but thankfully he didn't get sick. I also discovered that between the two games he starts with, I prefer the second one. I've gotten enough of guessing games with my p1 tama, who I'll call Blaze for the sake of the forum. Blaze is 12 years old and spends most of the day doing absolutely nothing.

Slept in today, so I woke up Yoink a little later than I should have. Good update, though, because he grew front legs!


Bad news is now I can only play one game with him (for the time being), and it sucks. Oh well, I'll just have to get used to it.

No updates on Blaze, he's doing his usual thing.
Woke up earlier than usual today for an appointment, so I got to check on Yoink. He evolved once again, and now has proper legs and a long nose, for some reason. He's 61 pounds, and I'm not sure if that's a healthy weight for him or not but he seems to be doing fine for the time being.

Another day with Yoink. He's still got his tail, but I suspect he'll evolve in the next day or two. He's been very fond of doing a little Michigan J. Frog dance today, and also floating on a lily pad. He's now 81 pounds! Holy moly. I've been trying to play games with him to get his weight down but it doesn't seem to be working. Maybe it's normal for his age?


Also, Blaze turned 16 today. Happy sweet 16, Blaze!
Slightly sad update. I unfortunately had to remove the battery on Yoink for the time being. I had a blood draw yesterday and a thyroid biopsy today, and haven't had any time to take care of him. And on top of that, my Tamagotchi Uni arrived today and I'd like to raise it, but two vpets at once is my limit.

I'll definitely run him again in the future!