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Taking tamas too seriously?

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Posted 13 February 2008 - 09:16 AM ( #52 )

Yes. It is not healthy to be so emotionally attached to a pixelized character. Don't get me wrong, I love tamas all the same, but not like that. :blink:


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Posted 13 February 2008 - 11:59 PM ( #53 )

The only tama problem I have is I love to collect them. My mom said I'm too old for them and i said no I love those little virtual toys. :P But I don't cry when they die or call them my best friend, I have a life outside of the tama world too.


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Posted 15 February 2008 - 09:15 PM ( #54 )

i was sad when my gen. 19 died cause it was almost gen 20!!


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Posted 17 February 2008 - 03:35 PM ( #55 )

ive only had 2 die

:D <--- my first my second ----> :D


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Posted 17 February 2008 - 06:41 PM ( #56 )

When you take care of something, you can eventually form a bond with it. If you get a really close bond, you could become very emotional about it.


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Posted 17 February 2008 - 07:38 PM ( #57 )

The crying thing means there way too attached to there tamagotchi, and the best friend thing that means they dont have many real friends (Sorry if i have offended anyone its ok to cry about your tamagotchi, but that is a little bit of a overeraction, and the best friend thing same thing)


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Posted 17 February 2008 - 08:05 PM ( #58 )

I don't cry when my tama dies I just get upset
but I DON'T think that tamagotchis are for people who can have pet like a dog or cat
because I have a dog and intend to breed it later on in life and I still have a tamagotchi to take care of its just a computerized pet and fun to take care of not some toy you decided to buy of the shelfs because you wanted to know what its about its something you'd love/like to play and feed just some people are a little to in to the tamagotchi I'm in to them as in "wow this is sooo fun" not, "Omg my tama died why why WHHYY!!!"
just at least give them some credit for caring lol ^_^


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Posted 19 February 2008 - 05:55 PM ( #59 )

I feel that taking Tamas way too far is when a person puts it before his/her actual family.


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Posted 19 February 2008 - 06:37 PM ( #60 )

I agree- they are taking it to seriously. It's pretty sad when your tamagotchi dies, especially on a high generation or if your tamagotchi was progressing nicely, but it is nothing to cry about. :( I just get a new egg, and start over. No big deal. :lol:

Of course, you have no control over whether they cry about it or not. It is their decision, and you have to respect it. Your decision is your decision -- to cry or not to cry. :)

Heh, yeah I agree. It's like, "Deal or No Deal?" :o I ESPECIALLY get upset when my Tama dies and I have so many skill and Gotchi points and it's on a high generation. GRR!! But I don't cry or anything.


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Posted 20 February 2008 - 01:04 AM ( #61 )

I know some people, and when their tamagotchi dies, they go in their room and cry!
Or, they talk about it being their best friend ever.
What do you all think about taking tamas TOO seriously?

ugh i know, i'd have to agree.
I'd get upset if my tama got run over by a car or something..
or if i had devoted my personal life into it and it died(which i'd never do)
but i dont think id cry.
Its not even real...


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Posted 20 February 2008 - 07:01 AM ( #62 )

I only cried one time over a tamagotchi, and it was when I was 9. xP
I had this really awesome tamagotchi named ''Tammy'' and I have no idea why, but I loved her ALOT, like she was a living thing. Well, when she died, I cried and wrote her a bunch of poems. Wanna hear one? I had them saved to my computer. o_o' Or maybe I shouldn'tshow one. Looking back, they were pretty embaressing. Oh well. Hopefully you won't laugh!

You were my one and only
I feel lost with out you, by my side
I think I'll go to run and hide
With you gone, I feel so small
When you were around, I felt so tall
Now I'm lost
Without you
I don't understand
Why did you have to goooo??
You were my sunshine on a rainy day
We had time, to go and play
But now your gone
I feel so lost
Come back to meeeeeee!
My baby....

Come back my angel of light.
You guided my way through life.
I will never forget you. Never.
I will pray for you, each and everynight.
Praying that you are alright.

Ok, enough of all THAT. xDD What!? I had only just turned nine when I wrote that.

I think that some people do take tamagotchis too seriously. For example, when somebody takes a video of them smashing their tamagotchi, people usually get upset over it.
Tamagotchis are there for your enjoyment, but they are a toy. They don't have feelings, and cannot feel pain.
It's good to get attached, but don't let them take over your life. :P


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Posted 20 February 2008 - 11:14 AM ( #63 )

Well, I think I COULD live life without a tamagotchi. I really like them and all but I'm not like super crazy or anything. :) When I got my first ever I WAS super crazy about it. I never ever left it home alone, always had my eye on it, and checked it almost every three minutes. I was a super mother to my little tamagotchi and I laugh when ever I think about me like that. :)


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Posted 23 February 2008 - 07:25 PM ( #64 )

:P B) I talk to my friends about the same thing yesterday and when there tamagotchi dies for the second time they get furious with it maybe smashes it on the ground or puts it in water then it dies forever then they cry because they didnt mean to do it.After there parents dont buy a new one cause there abusing a toy like that and because of how the price is. THAT'S SAD! :blink: ;)


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Posted 23 February 2008 - 10:31 PM ( #65 )

I think of my tamagotchi's as a virtual freinds.Not best freinds.I have a lot of freinds so I don't need to rely on my tamagotchi's frendship to keep me company. ;)

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Posted 29 February 2008 - 10:14 PM ( #66 )

Well, I personally really luv my tamas because they are the only thing that are always there with you. I know that sounds really stupid but it gives me something to be proud of and something that always agrees w/ me no matter wat. They just plain make me feel better.

Gotchi Boy94

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Posted 06 March 2008 - 04:50 PM ( #67 )

I do get pretty sad when my tama dies because I like to collect items, and skill points and money, and when it dies, it all gets erased...


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Posted 06 March 2008 - 06:47 PM ( #68 )

if my tama died i would ball up into tears and not talk for awhile