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Posted 18 November 2009 - 06:07 PM ( #86 )

So what if I steal your whiteout?
So what if I take your pencils
And throw them over there?
So what if I give them to my friend,
Who hides them where
You'll never find them?
So what if I threaten to rip your book?
So what if I tell my friends
You have cocaine in your desk,
When all you have are erasers.
So what?
I dont know.

Lol, that was the most retarded poem I've ever written...
Based on a true story xD


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Posted 21 November 2009 - 11:10 AM ( #87 )

I love your poem, Jae. I hadn't read that before. It's lovely. Makes me want to go look at a fire. xDD


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Posted 08 December 2009 - 12:18 PM ( #88 )

I wrote a poem for English for yesterday called 'War is Insane'. I might post it later.


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Posted 13 December 2009 - 01:13 PM ( #89 )

I wrote this after the tragedy at Fort Hood.


The sun has set within the walls of these distressed souls
No fragment of the light that once was can be seen through the pain that quakes within their livid spirits
God hears their infuriated cries and weeps with hot tears as he watches his children suffer
The mountain that stood before them stands now as a pile of ashes that steams with the heat of tragic malice and brutality
The question that many have resting on their lips is now pouring out like an angry flood
The answer to this, we may never comprehend
However, there is something to be remembered.
Tragedy is the blow that shakes our world and laughs in the face of everything good
But the love and warmth that follows is the dawn of the next beautiful day