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Tamagotchi Friends ... Worst Version Yet?

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The screen resolution on the new one is actually much more advanced. It features different shades of black and gray, and you can adjust the contrast to your lighting situation. The only time I ever have a problem is when I wish they had a LED backlight for nightime use.

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I just bought one myself, only after they went on sale at Toys R Us for $10, though. I'm used to the large size with my Tama-Go, but I agree that they are just too darn big now. I much prefer the way my V5 feels in my hand than my Tama-Go and Tamafriends. And I'm also bummed about the way that they connect now - the infrared made it easy to connect with multiple versions - I'm disappointed in Dreamtown since I was expecting an MMO-like interaction, not a Flash game, and I'm upset that they are marketed for little girls now. This is the first version that I've seen that was like that. As a genderqueer person, I always go for gender neutral designs, and I think they would have done better if there were masculine, neutral, and feminine designs, not just ones that look like they got farted out of a sparkle unicorn (the store I went to had four designs - the purple painted one described by the OP, the white with colorful stars, and the solid colored with sparkles around the screen in blue and pink - I went with the latter two because they felt the least cutesy to me). I also miss having items that you can use with your tamas, like I can play with a paint set, a doll, or a freaking cruise ship on my V5, but I don't have that opportunity with my Tama-Go or my Tamafriends.


What I do like, however, are the new features in this one - I like that you can send messages to other toys, and I do like the concept of 'bumping'. I much, much prefer the games in this version - they seem more fun than, say, the Tama-Go's base games of jumping and shooting bugs (I mean, come on, they couldn't have come up with anything better?), and though the characters are more cutesy, I love their designs. They're adorable and more interesting, coming from someone who's specialty in my degree is character design. The depth and contrast of the screen and pixels is a great touch as well (I can see my babies much better).


I also don't get the point of the jewelry thing? Does the jewelry do anything or is it there just for a collection?


All in all, I knew what I was getting myself into, and the Tamafriends has it's pros and cons, but I'm pretty satisfied with what I was presented with.

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All tamagotchis have pros and cons just deal with it

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