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    • fleuripie
      fleuripie replied to the thread ᨳ evie’s diary ⊹.
      i got the sketch book* from the tama store! (i got confused, it’s a sketch book not a notebook) and to add a picture you just click...
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    • fleuripie
      i will track all of my tamas here, starting with my pix ~ ˗ˏˋ✩ˎˊ˗ PIX, RUN 1, DAY 1, 02 09 23 here’s my first ever baby, a girl. she...
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    • fleuripie
      fleuripie posted the thread evie to earth ⊹ in Introductions.
      hi, my name is evie, i’m 24 and i very (very) recently got into tamagotchis. i had two or three fakes as a child and got the urge to buy...
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