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    How to mate your tamagotchi!

    thanks for the tip!
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    How to mate your tamagotchi!

    Yes that is very true. However, old Tamas seem to call for help more often, So if you take REALLY good care of it, you might keep it longer!
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    How to mate your tamagotchi!

    Hey fans! Today we will find out how to mate Tamagotchis! So the only devices that can mate is... 1. Meets fairy, magic, sanrio, other meets tamas 2. ALL of the Ons 3. Tamagotchi Connection ver 1-4.5...
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    The loss of memetchi

    Im sorry for you.  :(  I bless your next tama.
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    Unusual Life Stage

    its a coocoon. It stays like that for a few days. ;)
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    Tamagotchi Mini Rerelease Dies in the Middle of the Night?

    Changing the time can make it die it happend to my On Also it dies in its sleep
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    Pod's Journey

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    Tamagotchi On Screen Glitch?

    Get help by Bandai. If Bandai cant fix it, you might need to buy new batters, or a new tama. any ways, THE SCREEN GAVE ME THE SCARES! And when tamas are new they get gliches. Like when my wonder garden did a reset when it was newest tama. so return the tama, then buy a new one
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    My tama ( gen 2 ) won’t beep!

    Uh i dont know much but the old tamas make a kadunk sound when sound is on/off. 
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    Hello Kitty Glich?

    Also, When i press the buttons, it does a press twice. Even if it is a light press. How can i fix it? Will it damage it? Will it cause more gliches? I think i need to send it back......
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    olde teen

    if you change the clock, grow time tends to start over, making the tama stay in a stage for a bit.....
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    HELP: Does the punitapi chan tamagotchi come in english??

    um, only one japan tama has a english patch, but, the old ones dont
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    Tama not hatching, can't set time

    I think that your tama is too old, because its the first tama wave that was from '97, So Kuchipatchi I Pod, the tama is too old
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    Evatchi progress

    I have a nano, and when the battery got changed, the data resets. Also i think the toy is too small to keep stats from data.....