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    newbie tama collector here!!

    welcome charlie!!! great to have u :•D also, everyone here would be more than happy to talk to u about tamas! ive heard some pretty good things abt the osutchi and mesutchi, n i hope u enjoy em!
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    welcome jordan! hope you have a good time here :lol:
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    howdy !! im new here !!

    welcome clover!!! always nice to see new faces! im glad you found a new interest in these cute lil vpets, and i hope you enjoy your stay here :lol:
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    Back again after many years!

    welcome back!
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    hi hi! my old username was MametchiWarrior and the account is still up i think??? but thank you very much it feels nice to be back :biggrin:
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    What's your holy grail tama?

    -magical witches is a huge one, i just absolutely adore the aesthetic tbh -a tamagotchi p's for a price where I don't feel absolutely terrible buying it or one that doesnt look like its been hit with a hammer
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    Do you remember your first tama?

    i still remember it crazy vividly. i was around 5 years old, and i saw a tamagotchi in a guinness world records book and for whatever reason became instantly obsessed. i begged my parents for the exact tamagotchi i saw in the book, which was a snakeskin v4.5. i ended up getting it for my...
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    hey there!

    yooo meeks! i did a double take when i saw ur username, ive seen ur stuff on instagram and its insane inspo. also like tamacass said feel free to show off ur collection ;O hope you enjoy tamachat!
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    hiiii :•D thank u so much!!! hi hi hi, and thank you so much!!!
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    Hiii! My name is Kiwi, 19, my pronouns are He/She/They (I don't mind whichever ones you use!) Its been...a while! I used to have an account on here and was pretty active when I was younger. I never stopped loving Tamas, but after a while I slowly drifted from Tamatalk. Also looking back my old...