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    Are ON's and Meets really worth $200

    I want a wonder garden but its price has gone through the roof. It's ridiculous :(
  2. Maritchi

    Do You take your Tamas with you when going outside?

    I don't. I would feel embarrassed (not that you have too, that's just me) since I'm technically too old for toys (society's opinion) and I like to be careful with them.
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    Tamagotchi Pix?

    I only recently bought mine because I was waiting for the green shell. I played with it but I didn't have much time to investigate all its features. What I can say is that the tactile buttons annoy me to no end. 20% of the times the wrong button is detected. I wouldn't buy another one. I think...
  4. Maritchi

    No exact clarity on V1 and V2 identification.

    I don't think is an oversight by Bandai. They are just not aiming at collectors that will buy them many years later second-handed. But yes, it is inconvenient for us, haha. I use Tama shell for that.
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    What's your holy grail tama?

    My grail would be having one of each model, shells are secondary to me. But not super strictly, I'm only counting normal releases, I don't collect the home dekas, arukotch etc. And I allow myself some exceptions, like the yasashii and English ocean that are too expensive, or the impossible ones...
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    Rarest Tamagotchi?

    I don't know about rarest shells, but the most rare models I think are the ID Conan, and the osutchi and mesutchi test version. For now, I wouldn't considere the yasashii one of the more rare tamagotchis, since you can still find them on ebay, just very expensive.
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    LEAKED: Tamagotchi Meets Launching November 2018

    Thank god there are more colors than pink, blue and purple this time. Barely, but still... Why would they always recycle the same colors over and over again???? So boring...
  8. Maritchi

    Bandai America Releases 2017 Tamagotchi Mini Wave 2 (Series 2)

    I was looking for the flocked pink and blue versions and I saw these two in flocked red and flocked navy:
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    Tamagotchi M!X Anniversary Gift Version Details

    I already have 4 Tamagotchi m!x (spacy, sanrio, anniversary and dream), and I already think spacy and dream mixes are too similar. This is waaay too many versions of the same tama for my taste :( At least they could have changed the shell design a bit more, it's almost the same as the...
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    Possible to have too many of the same Tamagotchi?

    I don't like to buy tamas with the exact same programming twice (and so far I haven't), but recently I bought a used P's, and it dissapointed me, because it was more scratched and used than it should. I loooove P's design and colors, so now I'm debating with myself if I should also get a new...
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    Do you remember your first tama?

    My first tama was a european P1 in 1997. I was at a child's birthday party and a little girl I didn't know had a translucent pink tama. I was fascinated by it. My parents didn't allow me to have pets so that was the next best thing. I asked my parents for one as a gift for my "name day" (sorry...
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    Do you feel guilty unpacking tamagotchis?

    I would feel guilty if i don't open it. I don't see the point buying a toy and then keeping it unpackaged. I mean, its purpose is to play with it! If I just want to look at it, I can look at pictures... I would open even the most rare tama in the world. Its Better to play and damage it a...