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    what have you got in the mail today *continued* <3

    not yet, but i saw a method where you put an elastic band in between the screwdriver and the screw to create friction to get the screw to turn. ill let you know if it works!
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    what have you got in the mail today *continued* <3

    never thought i'd have these both added to my collection 😭 both arrived the same day; santa was a gift from my partner, and devi was a lucky get for a literal steal of a price, all because it has a stripped screw!
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    Fimor's CUSTOM virtual pets thread (´・ω・`)

    i am very glad youre making this thread, bc i found your instagram looking for info on chip dumping and custom tama making a few months ago. i'm an illustrator that, unfortunately, knows nothing about coding. but im willing to learn, especially if your team is looking to make the knowledge...
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    Broken button

    yeah, youll likely need to find a broken v2 and use its buttons as a donor, or to find a fake and do the same thing like iAM suggested. altho, i feel like if you were to find a piece of something that fits in the hole (like a cut up qtip stick or something) i feel like you could glue it to the...
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    Trying to find an EXTREMELY obscure Vpet...

    oh i am so excited for this!! brilliant work, if you need an extra artist, hmu ;3
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    Screen Scratch Repair Question

    how deep would you say your screen scratches are? i recently came into possession of a rikou no koibito unit that looks like its been chewed up by a dog, so theres one kinda deep scratch on it, and ive been wondering if this product would help me.
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    Trying to find an EXTREMELY obscure Vpet...

    i tried my best to upscale these, but this is as best i can do 😅
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    Tamagotchi in a walk

    itty bitty bat (or my baby bat) had a walk feature! it also came in an egg shaped shell with three buttons. is this what youre talking about?
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    Trying to find an EXTREMELY obscure Vpet...

    if this thing is real, this sounds awesome and i would love to help you find it and archive it. however, this kinda sounds like the beginnings of a creepypasta, ngl. but i also want to believe you so LOL. do you still have the blurry growth chart pic? id love to see what this thing grows into...
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    Help me locate this dino-pet from 1997.

    hey there! i found a couple of listings on buyee that might have the same chip as the pet youre talking about luckily, theyre all pretty inexpensive! let...
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    Your Collection

    i apologize for the quality of my photos, but i finally got my collection together! im still missing a couple of pieces, but ill post those once they come in. edit: if u couldnt tell, im really into vintage "knock offs" LMAO. im missing a few, but everything im missing is considered a holy...
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    What's your holy grail tama?

    i know this isnt a tama, but this vpet...UGH...i would do anything to get my hands on this guy. (not so subtlety saying if anyones selling, im buying LOL)
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    Do you remember your first tama?

    omg, i still remember it like vividly. i was around 10-11 and my friend brought a gen 1 tama to school with her and i was ENTRANCED. partially bc she was doing that thing little kids do where they wont let you see something they have, but thats besides the point LOL. anyway, she didnt call it a...
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    hey there!

    hi everyone! im meeks, long time vpet fan, on and off collector, and brand new to the community! im a big fan of vintage vpets from my childhood, but all types of tamas are a-ok in my book! 🥰 i hope to see you all around!