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    Tamagotchi Pix

    Well apparently france is not concerned... I am curious to discover what they mean when then said that the social part is in the device (no app?) I see that they really thougt about making boys and girls designs. (Some reproched that the on was too girly. Thats the case of every color...
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    New p1 and p2 shell design for the UK

    I check Amazon France today and Bandai put some tamagotchi on the website. The black nano pacman, the wave of p1/p2 rereleased with the sahara/sunset/paradise/royal as well as the wave with sky/doghnut/neon/hearts designs.
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    The mysterious european Tamagotchi...

    Wow a thank you very much for this long and detailed answer!!! Really appreciated!!! Now we just have to wait and see!!!
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    The mysterious european Tamagotchi...

    I often  check tamapalace. Two or three days ago the design of a new tamagotchi leaked. It came from a european institution, don't remember if it was for safety or intellectual property. The next day, the post disappeared. Did someone knows something about that?
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    New p1 and p2 shell design for the UK
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    Custom Shell Designs? :)

    I custom the faceplate of my 4u
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    Tamagotchi Angel/Forest/Ocean Re-Releases?

    That's what they will do. The tamagotchi morino has been canceled in the us... Si I would love to see bandai rereleasing angel and ocean... And then the morino. Just to comeback really successfully, and take a revenge on the past. But has you said, that's not in their plan.
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    Tamagotchi Angel/Forest/Ocean Re-Releases?

    I dreamed about that. Said it many times here. Sadly, I doubt this will happen! (I hope to be wrong!) People that decide in big companies think they go to university for goods reasons. They just see profit, not the soul of the brand, and the desire of fans. (Tamagotchi's are too small to count.)...
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    When is the next MEETS? (20-21?)

    That's the probleme today in europe and the. Elite here think company needs investors. It's all about business, royaty etc... You can see that everywhere. Company needs visionary. They need to keep faith and invest in te future. Not just make maximum profit for shareholder etc...
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    New demon slayer nanosたまごっち&qid=1602782840&s=specialty-aps&sr=8-9&srs=3534638051...
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    Hello Kitty x Tamagotchi Nano

    Why not a sanrio on? Maybe if this one sell well?
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    When is the next MEETS? (20-21?)

    Better than the Nanos, the simple re-release of p1 and p2 are constantly out of stock on Amazon US.  Looking at the wonder garden, a weak version of the fantasy, the non-evolution of the app, and the fact that the on never been released worldwide (should I mention the Bluetoothless tamagotchi...
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    Craving to quench my tamagotchi gen 2 thirst

    There was two app if i remember well, you can dtill download them here and there... Sadly impossible for me to launch them on my phone or tablet...