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    What are you listening to now?

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    Not exactly a newbie

    Perhaps this one:
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    Not exactly a newbie

    Hmm, if it was TamaTown compatible and had no antenna that makes me think it may have been a Music Star (V6) Does it match anything on this site? The list isn't necessarily complete, but there's at least a chance its on there.
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    Not exactly a newbie

    Welcome to TamaTalk! Always nice to see people who re-find the way of the Tamagotchi!:tongue: I hope you enjoy your time on the forums! :lol:
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    What type is this one?

    Looks like a Connection V5, more information can be found on this article. They fetched for around $14 to $16 originally in Canada, looks to be about $20 USD, but will probably sell for much higher to collectors depending on shell rarity and the overall condition of the toy. Even more if you had...
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    Anyone remember the virus 'Tamago.doc'?

    Not entirely sure, I've just used this site for a few years. It is a bit broken at the moment, functionally speaking, since they migrated away from Fandom and are running their wiki independently now, so they're at least still semi-active. Like any wiki, just a nice collection of things.
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    Anyone remember the virus 'Tamago.doc'?

    The YouTube channel Izzzyzzz touches on a lot of these types of "viruses" in community things. Definitely sounds like one of those fake things that looks like a virus. Mostly because it is going over-the-top to be creepy as it can be. Her most recent video [The Horror Of Anti-Piracy Screens]...
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    Serious replies only. Is it possible to raise any tama version vegan? (In particular connections)

    I'm not 100% sure if I'm honest. Can't say I know what is and isn't vegan. However, from Connection V3 to 4.5 Default meals you get Scone, Sushi, Bread, and Cereal. For default snacks you'll get Cone, I forget the second option -_-, Pudding and Apple for V3 or Orange for V4 and 4.5
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    New to the forum :3

    Welcome to the forums! I think you can easily tell what my favorite character is and maybe one of my fave books if you get the reference in my signature ✉️ :nazotchi: 📮
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    We can change our usernames now? ㆁωㆁ

    Yeah it took a bit to approve at first since I wasn't sure on what the operating procedure for this new feature was. (In other words, wasn't sure if we were actually suppose/allowed to approve them or not.) :tongue: Seems it is all a "go" now and just requires a Guide to approve the change...
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    What are you listening to now?

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    Be Careful Talking to The Media

    Here the go:
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    Be Careful Talking to The Media

    Yeah there's a DM I received as well. Probably similar to yours. I'll reply to them politely declining but that's more to do with my workplace policy than anything else.
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    Is my Tamagotchi Music Star a fake?

    I wouldn't think it is a fake just from the date format alone. I'd fire up my own Music Star to see what mine shows for the format but it is sadly far away at my parent's place in a storage container. But if all the characters and features seem normal then I wouldn't worry too too much about it.
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    Farewell, TamaTalkers!

    You will be greatly missed