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    Group members PM boxes. *Reminder*

    5) Reminder ones you can keep untill the date has passed, then you can delete it. :P Star :huh:
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    Has it been two years ALREADY?!

    Yay! Happy birthday!!!!! I made this banner for TamaTalk's birthday in just one hour! Yay!
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    Group members PM boxes. *Reminder*

    Here's some tips to clean PM boxes: 1) Delete "hi" or SPAM messages. 2) Keep important messages such as something you need to remember. 3) Try to remember to uncheck the "Copy" check box. 4) ALWAYS DELETE CHAIN PM'S!
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    Tamagotchis just got banned at my school!

    Then you can't use calculators? I don't really care if Tama's are banned or not, because my Tama ran out of batteries. XP
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    TamaTalk server upgrade complete

    How come it seems that it's slower?
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    Favorite Channel

    You didn't put in any Canadian channels.
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    Server upgrade coming soon!

    When is it going to be offline?
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    Shouldn't it be 'What happened to my Tamagotchi?'
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    Hey, Star's Back!

    Uh..Yup. It's an awesome site though. The person that made it was 9.
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    Hey, Star's Back!

    Haven't been on for a while.......I was on this other site. Now I'll be on both sites everyday. Sorry I left suddenly for *checks calendar* 1 month. So, I'm back.
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    pokemon vs. tamas

    Pokemon, of course!
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    There's a Tamagotchi named Tamatchi. :furawatchi:
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    Lots of tips! Make your Tama Sing,

    Masktchi can watch TV too <_<
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    The Boondocks,Who watches the Episodes?

    Oh, well in Canada they rate it 18+ :D
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    The Boondocks,Who watches the Episodes?

    That show is really inappropiate to most TamaTalkians. If you look at the rating, it says 18+. And not many people are 18+ in TamaTalk.