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    Remembering Brian Goldner one year after his death

    Today marks one year since Brian Goldner died. Brian ran as CEO of Hasbro for 13 years, and has been with the company since 2000. Before that, he was Executive Vice President and COO of Bandai America, where he oversaw Bandai's United States operations, including merchandise for Power Rangers...
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    Nintendo to Acquire Dynamo Pictures; Accelerates Interest in Animation Yesterday, news broke out that Nintendo is planning to acquire Dynamo Pictures, a Tokyo-based CGI animation company, by October of this year and renaming it "Nintendo Pictures" with the intent to accelerate its foray into the realms of...
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    US Tamagotchi ON App shutting down in August

    Somewhere, Mr. Blinky is feeling a disturbance in the force.
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    Brian Goldner's successors announced by Hasbro

    Last year, in October, Hasbro's CEO and Chairman Brian Goldner (who also served as Bandai America's COO and Executive Vice President during Tamagotchi's heyday) passed away after a long battle with prostate cancer. Even though Hasbro is a competitor, at some point we must've wondered where they...
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    RIP Brian Goldner (1963-2021)

    I've got some rather unfortunate news. Hasbro's chairman and CEO, Brian D. Goldner, has died from cancer after taking a medical leave of absence two days prior. Prior to joining Hasbro in 2000, Goldner was executive vice president and COO of Bandai America, and during his time there, he oversaw...
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    What's the name of the song that played during the Tamagotchi 25th Anniversary short video?

    Ever since Bandai released this little video back in June, I've been wondering what the name of the song heard in it is. All I could get out of it is the lyrics, "Lift your head up high. It's gonna be alright." If anyone can tell me what the song's name is, I would sincerely appreciate it.
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    RIP Philece Sampler (1953-2021)

    Philece Sampler, who was known for voicing a variety of Digimon characters including Mimi from Adventure 01 and Cody from Adventure 02, Taokaka from Blazblue, Toph from The Legend of Korra, and more, has died from a heart attack at 67, just 15 days before what would've been her 68th birthday. I...
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    the media's views of tamagotchi?

    This is a reason why I'm yearning for a dub of the anime; so that outlets will acknowledge Tamagotchi as far more than just "a toy from the 90's" and reconsider how they describe the franchise.
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    ura tamagotchi anime (conceptual)

    As good as the anime is, it kinda focuses more on selling merchandise (it's based on a toyline wholly owned by Bandai, a toy company, so of course merchandise sales are gonna be a top priority) than on being as close to an adaptation of the virtual pets as possible. There wasn't even a single...
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    Tamagotchi Pix?

    The AR camera does seem like a decent use of technology, but I'm not sure about the buttons that we've been used to for 2 and a half decades being replaced by touch pads. Kinda breaks tradition and the pads may not be as responsive in some situations. Still too early to make a definitive call...
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    TamaTown after Flash Player EOL (End of Life)

    Well, Flash is gonna be Thanos-snapped off the face of the internet in a few hours. I just want to say thank you so much for granting access to these games after their official shutdowns, especially Dream Town in my case. And I wish you the best of luck in incorporating them to Ruffle so that...
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    TamaTown after Flash Player EOL (End of Life)

    That is wonderful news. I'm more into the Dream Town game because I adore the aesthetics of the anime and the game itself is too charming to just fade away, but I still whole-heartedly support those who'd rather support TamaTown.
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    Tamagotchi ON Wonder Garden

    I always felt that Tamagotchi has been pronounced correctly on advertising since Tamagotchi Friends. "Tamagatchi" just didn't sound right to me.
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    Tamagotchi ON Wonder Garden

    I've seen a Wonder Garden commercial on all the big 3 general kid audience channels (Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network). It's clear that Bandai America is really pushing Wonder Garden for the holidays. I'm just hoping that subsequent On localizations keep all the content from the...