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    Tubulartama's Archive

    Hello everyone, as many of you probably know I have began archiving Tamagotchi books and interesting content, I even have uploaded the first ever scans of some books! Because of the rapid progress I am making, I thought it would be only natural to make a thread dedicated to my findings and here...
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    Tamagotchi Research Report 1997

    Update: Link has been updated to be a different website, here it is!
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    Whats your favorite Tamagotchi toy designs/shells?

    This one is so pretty I really am liking the blue and yellow ones for some reason! :wub:
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    Whats your favorite Tamagotchi toy designs/shells?

    I know this is probably a basic question, but its been on my mind so thought I would post it here! What are your guys Tamagotchi toy designs/shells? These can be either ones you have or ones you want, it doesn't matter! I myself keep thinking about this one: :hitodetchi: link something...
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    Tamagotchi Angel/Forest/Ocean Re-Releases?

    I would be so excited if devilgotchi got re-released, it would give so many fans a opportunity to play it who haven't because its so expensive! Also I am in the mindset that if i did happen to spend 300-500 dollars on a tamagotchi, I would be WAY to scared to open it in playing it knowing I...
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    Tamagotchi Research Report 1997

    Hello everyone, I have exciting news! Someone has FINALLY uploaded the pages to the Tamagotchi Research report book released in Japan in 1997. Thanks to Tamagotchivideo on Twitter for uploading these so I could get them! They did upload them to their own google drive, but to ensure they don't...
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    Hello everyone, my name is Tubulartama and I am a 21 year old artist who has rekindled their interest in the Tamagotchi series with a purchase of Tamagotchi On.  I was a big fan of Tamagotchis as a kid, I had 3 music stars and 3 Tamagotchi connections of various versions. I had the movie too, I...
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    What's your holy grail tama?

    Devilgotchi Sanrio Meets  Tamagotchi Ps Tamagotchi Osutchi and Mesutchi Other brands: Dragon quest tamagotchi Maze Maze Mix Motchimaruzu theres probably more lol but what I can think of. 
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