☆ My runs in the teeny tiny hatch on discord


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May 22, 2023
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New Jersey
For the teeny tiny hatch I ran a pink sparkly p2 and a dark pink swirl chibi tama! It was my first time I’ve ever ran a chibi :3
I started this run on July 5th!
My boyfriend took beautiful pictures of my tamas when they were still young, by the poolside ✨
☆Pink glitter p2; I was doing well at first but then she ended up being a Kusatchi
-_- I still loved her though! I brought her with me everywhere! She passed away on July 12, from being sick :(
☆Dark pink swirl chibi; this one is still currently alive, but I might end it soon because I’m going to do a different hatch soon and the teeny tiny hatch ended, but I’ll get to that later ^o^ ! I ended up getting a Mametchi! I’m not sure exactly when, but I ended up getting the secret character 💕 the chibi was so easy to run, and I’d DEFINITELY run one again!

I’m going to be participating in the “Plain Jane” hatch starting in my tama discord server on the 31st, with a white p1 I haven’t used yet!
Since my birthday passed (June 20th) I have gotten 4 tamagotchi nanos for my birthday!! But…. I don’t know when I’m going to run any of them @~@ my dad had also got me a tamagotchi UNI, which is shipping out soon! I’ll definitely be running that one soon aswell, and I might run it for awhile! So you guys might get frequent updates <3

Cya guys later ~☆!