168 in 1 / Fake Tamagotchi REAL code (finally fond)


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Mar 18, 2023
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last week I bought one of his Fakes for my little sister and while playing on it I noticed that there was a key on which a 3-digit code could be entered and curious how I left on the internet to find out what codes could work on this toy but even looking hard only two codes came up the 057 which was discovered by accident and the 444 as well, and suddenly by some luck I noticed that if we add the 3 digits of the code together it gives 12 for 057 but also for 444 and that's when I understood that in fact there are no real codes but that you just have to put three digits which give 12 by adding them together for example 066 453 etc. and so by realizing the code it gives you 5 units of food instantly, here I hope to have helped more than one because personally I had not found anything on the internet talking about that. I apologize immediately for my text which will certainly be hard to read I am French and also dyslexic :)