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May 21, 2024
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Tamagotchi were a huge part of my childhood for a few years. I remember making friends with other girls in my classes who had tamas, and playing with them together or connecting them with each other whenever we had the chance. Since then, I've run tamas again for a while every now and then, but I haven't really had anyone to connect with about it, which makes it not quite as fun. But I remembered reading this forum when I was younger and thought it might be a fun way to get that sense of community again. So here I am! I'll have to mess around with lighting to get some better pictures; my phone camera picked up on the backlighting and ended up making everything else around it pitch dark.

I'm currently running a pink Tamagotchi Smart with the Sweets Friends card loaded.

Meet Hoshi! Here he is taking a nap as a baby. I hatched him in the evening last night, to the point that when he evolved, he went right to sleep because it was past his bedtime.


This morning, I woke him gently by petting him and got a better look at his child self! What a cutie; he's so fluffy.



Before work, Hoshi and I went out to try out some games/TamaWork. We had a lot of fun!




Once I had to start my workday, I've just been checking on him between meetings, so I think he was happy when my lunch break started and I was able to take him out shopping to spend some of the money he earned at his TamaWork! Since a lot of the items we wanted were free, he got to redecorate his room, get quite a few toys (he even invited a friend over to play with one!), and even got a new hat.



As you can see, he was so happy. And I am too!
Thank you!

The last couple days, I didn't get a good chance to update here, so:

His very first night, he'd hatched late enough that by the time he grew up, it was already past his bedtime. But his second night, I got the chance to pet him to help him fall asleep. This is the cutest feature and I love it.

"I can't sleep... I want you to pet me..."


The next morning, I petted him to wake him up, and he grew up into a teenager!


They grow up so fast. The very next morning, I had a full-fledged adult in my hands!


What a cutie! I'm going to keep him around a couple more days before bringing him to the matchmaker.
awww these little guys are the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!! what kind of tamagotchi are you using?
Thank you!! I'm really enjoying it. I'm using a Tamagotchi Smart with the Sweets Friends Smart Card.
What A Cute Little Hotcaketchi! The Room Matches Him ❤️
Thank you!! 💜 I noticed that too, how perfect that room was for him. I decided to make it a goal to give each tama a perfect room and accessory when they grow up.

I'm still working out the right frequency for posting; I was originally thinking once a week, until I realized that's more than an entire generation each post! 😂 Well, I'll just keep posting when I can.

On Sunday, Hoshi gifted me with a Natsuki (Fondness) Icon!


I think the Natsuki Icons are such a sweet feature. Being able to view the tamas I've raised is one thing, but they're a nice way to give a sense of caring with the Tamagotchi.
I enjoyed raising Hoshi, but I decided he was ready to leave the nest after that. I took him to meet someone special...




...and he and Patitchi connected right away. So much so, in fact that it wasn't long until...

"Elsa, there's something I'd like to tell you..."
"I want to marry this girl!"

I was so happy for him to have found true love that quickly!



They were clearly excited too, because in no time at all, they were wed.


It was time for Hoshi to say goodbye...


...but he entrusted me to hatch and raise their child as he did so.



That very same day, their little girl, Mariko, hatched! Just like both her parents, she's been absolutely adorable.



She grew up nice and healthy into...


...an Ichigotchi!

It's been a lot of fun taking care of Mariko, too.


I think soon, she'll be ready to leave the nest too, but we're enjoying our time together until then!

It's been fun writing this a little like a story! I prefer that over being like, "Yeah, I wanted her to grow up into Ichigotchi so I fed her a bunch of strawberry parfaits." 😂

On an unrelated but relevant note, I got some tama mail this week... 👀 Though, things got busy again after I ordered it, so it might be a while before I have time to try it out. Just know that one of these days I'll have an exciting one to show off!

(EDIT: I just want to add in case anyone is concerned, Elsa isn't actually my legal name, so that's why I have no problem posting it.)
Im dying this is the sweetest thing!
I just looked it up on amazon.... so expensive!!! 😭 😭 😭
(or at least more expensive than both mine)
They really are sweet! To be fair, I don't think I've ever seen a tama that was not sweet -- I feel like you can't go wrong no matter which you get 🥰
Yeah, even though the Tamagotchi Smart is still a fairly recent release, it wasn't released internationally (afaik it was only released in Japan), so that's why it's more expensive than, say, a Pix despite both having color screens and being released in the same year and both still being able to be bought new.
What kinds of Tamagotchi do you have?

This week, I spent some more time with Mariko as she settled into adulthood.

"I'm so glad we're together. ♪"

You got a Fondness Icon!

I'm glad she was able to feel so close to me. Soon, though, she was ready to go looking for someone special.

Pick who you'd like the date to be with.

Hobbies: Meals and snacks
Comment: ...A girl who makes food look delicious as she eats it... that's what I like. ☀

With her partner decided, Mariko and Mogumogucchi went on a date!


They hit it off right away. It was love at first sight, and they knew without a doubt they wanted to be together.


See how happy she was when she got home from the date!

"Elsa, there's someone I'd like you to meet..."

"I want to marry this guy!"

I agreed, and though it was bittersweet knowing it meant saying goodbye, they were clearly overjoyed to be wed.





And as we all know... first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes...



...a new little baby to raise! Also, take a look at the super cute seasonal decor. (It's a teru teru bouzu, which is considered a charm for sunny weather in Japan. It appeared on June 1, and June is the start of the rainy season there.)


This is Nijimaru!


He gets bigger every day. 💜
Ack cuteness overload!!!!! make sure to keep me posted, i love these updates
Thank you! I wasn't sure when I started whether people would actually read them or not, things like that, but it's been really fun to interact with people on here. The tama community is so kind. ; w; Do you have a tama log at all?
I Have A Pix, A Uni, 2 ONs, And An Original V2. I'm Currently Running The V2. I Think I'm Going To Swap To My Pix Once My V2 Gets Low Battery (Which Feels Like Forever 😭 )
Fun -- I'm definitely seconding Snomuff's question of which one is your favorite! 😀 I actually haven't played the Pix or Uni yet. I'm hoping to preorder one of the Angel Festival Unis though, if they're ever back in stock lol. (Though I'm very happy to see the huge demand for the Angel and Monster ones, because what I would love more than just about ANYTHING tama-wise would be a re-release of the Angelgotchi & Devilgotchi! Prices on the Devilgotchi are ridiculous lol.)
What version of ONs do you have?

And yeah, those vintage ones' batteries last so long! I remember my Connection V3s as a kid, the batteries would last for months and months.

It's hard to believe how long it's been since I last updated on here! Nijimaru's daughter has already grown up herself and here I haven't even shared any pictures of him as an adult -- it's definitely time to fix that! 🙂

"I'm so glad we're together!"

You got a Fondness Icon!

Such a cutie! I just love his rainbow color scheme.
Last week, I came down sick, so he had to spend more time than usual by himself as I slept a lot. Luckily, being an adult already, he understood that and was okay.

He knew he was ready to meet someone special, so once I was well enough to feel sure I could take care of his baby, I helped him find the right tama...

Choose who to go on a date with!

Hobbies: walking Tama Pets
Comment: I'm looking for someone who will get along well with both me and my Tama Pet!


Their date went so well! Nijimaru was really excited to hear all about her Tama Pet, and she listened as he talked all about his Tama Work decorating cakes. It was no surprise at all when I heard the now-familiar words...

"Elsa, there's someone I'd like you to meet..."

"I want to marry this girl!"

...and watched as they celebrated their marriage.






Nijimaru said goodbye one last time...


...and though I knew I would miss the time I spent with him, I was also excited for his child to hatch!



He and Butterflytchi had a little baby girl, who I named Runa!

Runa has always been athletic. She loves sports and dancing!




Here's Runa all grown up!



It's hard to believe that she's already gotten so big, and that we're coming so close to starting the fifth generation!

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