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Jul 9, 2013
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Is it really true? It is - it's another typical Tamagotchi log!

It's been over two years (I can't believe it) since I started the original version of this log, inspired partially by @anasmilkbar's own tamagotchi log that had a creative spin on this sort of self-RP template that involved not only some entertaining writing, but her own fantastic artwork of herself and her tamagotchis featured beside the forever-iconic multi-coloured dialogue!

As my Tamatalk anniversary begins to approach once more - nine years as of writing, I can barely believe it myself -, I found myself wanting to give another one of these logs the old college try. This has also been sparred on by an extremely lucky find at a toy fest I went to recently; involving an ita bag I bought and stuffed full of Tamagotchis, a longtime vendor who was lost on how valuable vpets are in this day and age, and - can you believe it - a Tamagotchi Connection V4 that they bought out when they saw the GigaPets Pixie hanging off my bag -- a V4 they were selling for only $20!!!! swear I've had dreams about this situation before. Needless to say, I almost exploded then and there, and you can bet your bottom dollar I swooped it up.

The connection line may be a mixed bag of things, owning to their messy localisation and varied reception amongst our fellow collectors who sit in the 90's or modern tama categories, but... unfortunately for me, and for our readers who sit firmly in those boxes - more power to you, you're the heroes resisting the growing prices of our beloved mid-2000's vpets! - I grew up on the line. And the V4, arguably the most buggy out of all the connections released over in the west, is a version I hold very near and dear to my heart. It's also likely that - forgive my foggy memories - this mysterious $20 V4 is also the same V4 shell I owned as a kid and have been subsequently searching for since I got into the hobby way back in 2013.

That same night, after popping in a fresh new battery, much to my delight I also discovered save data on there that could possibly be almost a decade old - the fact that there were multiple souveniers from the very defunct Tamatown website (rip) present alongside Aba, a first-generation Violetchi with her adorable baby girl, were a dead giveaway. Additionally, the fact that this device was also in possession of someone who didn't know what the brand name of it was at all also makes me suspect I've stumbled across a device that was used and beloved back in the heyday of mid-2000's Tamagotchi fandom, left to the wayside whether the battery was taken out on purpose (27th of April around 9AM, the clock was set to!) or died that very morning. In these local toy collecting communities, trading is commonplace and involves a bunch of shuffling amongst lots and the like - that's my guess as to how the vendor got their hands on it. Either way, it's amazing, isn't it? None of the pre-owned tamas I've bought in the past have had this intricate preservation of the love and care their former owner showered their 'gotchi with.

While we were still there at the fest my friend made the joke that it could've been my own from when I was younger, but honestly, I don't think I inputed the username ABCDE upon start-up XD I wasn't that strange of a kid... maybe. (this is, consequently, what the tamas I'll be raising on this version will know me as forever... oh no...) It also might've possibly just been thrown out, but as I said, foggy memory. Someday I'll find out what happened to you, old V4 I had as a kid... oh, my, this is getting long.

If you read all of that, thank you very much! I wanted to archive this info somewhere public, at the very least. LET'S START THE LOG!


𝕋𝕒𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕠𝕥𝕔𝕙𝕚 𝕍𝟜 (ℙ𝕚𝕟𝕜 𝕊𝕒𝕜𝕦𝕣𝕒, 𝟚𝟘𝟘𝟞)

The same night I put the battery back into this lovely little V4 (subsequently cringing when I discovered a dead battery already inside - no corrosion, luckily!) and was greeted with Aba and her little babby, she left at the ripe old age of seven, leaving me to wake up in the morning and start the second generation. I named her baby Tutu.

For those who don't know: On the V4, your Tamagotchi's evolution cycle is not only determined by how well you take care of them, but also the amount of skill points you rack up in each of the three categories (Intelligence, Art, and Kindness) - each of these categories have different character "families" associated with them, and you can have a really fun time trying to obtain them all through a combination of different skill point amounts. While Aba/Violetchi belongs to the Kindness category, I purposefully steered Tutu away from it when she was a toddler through a combination of playing the starter games (most of the time I got kindness points, pain and suffering) and using the 20000+ gotchi points kindly left over from the old ABCDE to purchase a bunch of snacks that would raise her art skill points by force.

And thus, over the past few days, I've successfully managed to raise little Tutu from babyhood to what I excitedly witnessed her evolution into today - Memetchi!


Pictured: A collage of three photos of a Tamagotchi V4 device (Pink Sakura Pattern, Oceania Ver.).
Isn't Tutu adorable? Sure, if you're like me and grew up with those funky eyes, that is. She stole my umbrella in that last photo. I'm cold.

Memetchi is one of my favourite Tamagotchi characters - in my opinion she enforces the simple character design associated with the series (apologies to modern-era fans), while daring to add a light touch of feminine, moe-esque design to the mix. I think she's super cute!

Here's Tutu's stats at the mo:
  • Age: 3, Adult
  • Gender: Female (Memetchi)
  • Weight: 41 Lbs.
  • Gen: 2nd
  • Discipline: 60% (six bars)
  • Skill points:
    - Intelligence: 33
    - Art: 87
    - Kindness: 46
On the V4, when your character reaches the adult stage, they can recieve a randomly-timed letter in the mail. This letter is for job-hunting! That's right - you can get an extra minigame each generation (alongside racking up some gotchi points each play that results in a bunch of pay being given to you the next day you show up to work, it's great) by forcing your Tamagotchi to get up off their digital butt so they can contribute to society. Wicked. This feature is also dependable on skill points - you can get certain jobs depending on the certain amounts of skill points your Tama has.

However, as Tutu only just evolved today: No job offers yet! I'm all done with the logging part now - let's meet up with Tutu, shall we?


Finally! It's about time I got to talk.
You were practically chewing my arm off the whole time I was writing this!
Yeah, and? Come on, ABCDE, more like you're chewing our readers' ears off!
You wound me, Tutu. And please don't tell me you're actually going to stick to calling me that.

But it's your name! ...well, you don't usually look like a weird Mimiyoritchi either.
I'm just a mysterious person, I suppose. Always under the guise of a some poor repainted Tamagotchi.
I want the real ABCDE back.
Never mind that, I want my umbrella back. Gimme.
Nope! It's mine now. :biggrin:
How are you doing that with your--
Ooh, a thunderstorm! Wheeeeee!

Next post: A funeral for an umbrella. Rest in pieces. ABCDE- I mean, Tamacass buys a new one... but will it fill the umbrella-shaped hole in her heart? Tutu bribes her way into employment, but still fails to get a job. And a new friend makes their way onto the scene...?!
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Yay Tutu is so cute ^^ I love the little comic/script thing hehehehe.

RIP Umbrella
Thank you for the wonderful comment!! Drawing is such a huge passion of mine, and I really enjoy making these silly little segments to go along with the log itself - to hear you're enjoying it as well is quite encouraging! :angry: Ah, as for the first half... Tutu will be very pleased to hear that! (don't be surprised if she's drawn with a bigger head these next few posts... XD) RIP umbrella indeed. :tongue:


I can't believe it - another typical Tamagotchi log!

I always pay a lot more attention to my tamas whenever I'm running a log - years of unfortunate vpet fatigue have plagued me since I ran seven Tamagotchis at once during my first year of collecting. It was a sign... :-( ...Anyway, down where I am it's almost ten o'clock in the morning! Let's start the log!


𝕋𝕒𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕠𝕥𝕔𝕙𝕚 𝕍𝟜 (ℙ𝕚𝕟𝕜 𝕊𝕒𝕜𝕦𝕣𝕒, 𝟚𝟘𝟘𝟞)

Tutu's stats:
  • Age: 3, Adult
  • Gender: Female (Memetchi)
  • Weight: 42 Lbs.
  • Gen: 2nd
  • Discipline: 60% (six bars)
  • Skill points:
    - Intelligence: 37
    - Art: 88
    - Kindness: 46
No job offers yet!

Tutu is being her usual Tutu self this morning. Not much has changed since the last post, but that's not a bad thing.
We decided to get some morning exercise in:

Pictured: A photo of Tutu playing Jump Rope. I took this photo with a timer - hence why Tutu looks like she's magically gained sentience, jumping the rope without my aid.

I lost quickly after taking this shot.

I'm only good at Jump Rope when I want to be - which is never, because the game is soooo slow and the speed-ups are unfortunately contained to my muscle memory! It's so easy to quickly get bored and just give up. Too many of my V4 'gotchis have had their knees smacked with the rope by now.

Tutu was seemingly angered by my lack of effort, because directly after I found this on-screen:

Pictured: A photo of Tutu, innocently smiling, with a darling little poop next to her.


I proceeded to dig through the items the former ABCDE left again - there's stuff here that I've never even seen on the V4's shop feature -, and remembered that Tutu owns the infamous lion plush found on almost every connection model.

On connection models pre-V4, back when you still had to turn the lights on and off, if your Tamagotchi really liked the plush you gave them (there's different kinds other than the lion, iirc), when it was time for bed you could spot them tucked in with the plush hovering next to them! Such a cute little detail that this funky children's toy did not need to include at all. It's a shame the V4 turns its lights off automatically, as the animation ended up either unused or cut completely.

Anyway, when you give the plush to your tama to play with, they either think it's the best thing ever, or they hate it. Full-stop. Actual fear on these tiny pixelated faces. When Tutu was in her younger stages she absolutely adored it, but now... not so much. It's less fear on her face and more total disgust.

I didn't get a photo of that, but I did snap one of this:

Pictured: A photo of Tutu facing sideways towards the lion plush.

Tutu is either planning to eat the lion whole in self-defense, or she's singing opera. You be the judge.


I hate lions!
On behalf of all lions out there, that's very rude. What if there's a lion reading this right now?
Silly ABCDE! Lions don't have feelings :biggrin:
Please stop doing that with your mouth.
But wait... ABCDE, what if there are lions who read this log?
Bwaaaaah! I don't wanna go to Devil World!

Jeez, Tutu, you're only three years old. One off-hand insult isn't gonna raise all your imaginary DP at once.
I-It might!
Devilgotchis are too expensive anyway. You're gonna be an egg with wings. Or married.
--wait.... why do I feel like there's something on my back?

*Fades Unto Existence* Aw, nuts.
Hey, it's a Clione Deviltchi! A very snazzy looking one, if I must admit.
Oh! Thank you!
You look like an OC I used to draw B)
I didn't think we'd ever encounter a Devil in person. What are you up here for, little guy?
Mandatory tempting session.

*Collective gasp* What will happen next?!
(Tamatalk's got a limit on how many images can be in a post - gotta split this post up!)
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Last time, on A Typical Tamagotchi Log 2... some stuff happened!!!!! Woah. Scroll up to the previous post if you think you might've missed the most recent update!


W-wait, you're trying to tempt me?!
I kind of have to. Sylvester, at your inservice. I'm meant to be spreading sadness and not-cheer all over the world, but I'm not very good at it.
Everyone here calls me ABCDE. What makes you think you're not good at it, Sylvester?
Well, ABCDE, I was just trying to tempt your friend Tutu here into acting out of prejudice... but wouldn't you know it, she said all of those words without my help.
I've been called 'cruel and unusual' several times in my life.
But surely you've done a few successful temptations before?
It's not that simple. You see, every time I've try to tempt someone, they-- they just end up doing the opposite!
Like, I tell them not to go for a walk that morning, and then they go for two. Or I tell them not to call their Mom, and then they call both their parents!

...uh... maybe you're tempting them into wasting their phone data? Re-enabling toxic relationships for a few?
We're not allowed to touch the latter. We've got a policy on it.
You're kinda pleasant to be around. I feel calmer and more rational listening to you speak, dear friend.
Tutu does have a point. I'm agreeing with her the more I hear you out.
See what I mean?! I just make others feel all... nice, and mushy, and... and words other Devils say I shouldn't be.

Well, you shouldn't let those hurtful jests get to you! Maybe being a Devil just isn't for you. You sound more like an Angel to me!
But... but I can't be an Angel. I'm a Devil. They wouldn't accept me into the Tenshitchi Capital.
Hey, if you still wanna be a Devil, you can stay with us! Maybe we can help you train to be the meanest, nastiest Devil ever.
You... you mean it?
Sure! And even if you don't learn anything, we're still more than happy to have you here. Just don't tempt Tutu when she's around the cookie jar. Or her non-descript lion plushie.
...I'll keep that in mind.

Next post: Sylvester has joined the crew! What's this about 'omens' and those 'really cool glasses', anyway? Tutu becomes all-powerful after consuming an entire mobile phone unit. ABCDE reads a book, or something.
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It looks like she's trying to eat the lion plush XD

I hate jump rope minigames. Blame Final Fantasy IX for that XD
The jury has decided! I can't believe Tutu is such a monster... eating such innocent innanimate creatures :-(
Ahh, the life of being a nintendo-only prevented me from really getting into Final Fantasy for the longest time. Wish I didn't abandon my save file for VII on Switch so quickly, I was having a good time with that port for sure. I gotta delve deeper into these games sometime!!


I can't believe it - another typical Tamagotchi log!

It's been a day or so, and our patience has been rewarded - here's some very exciting news to share about Tutu. :ichigotchi:


𝕋𝕒𝕞𝕒𝕘𝕠𝕥𝕔𝕙𝕚 𝕍𝟜 (ℙ𝕚𝕟𝕜 𝕊𝕒𝕜𝕦𝕣𝕒, 𝟚𝟘𝟘𝟞)

Tutu's stats:
  • Age: 5, Adult
  • Gender: Female (Memetchi)
  • Weight: 43 Lbs.
  • Gen: 2nd
  • Discipline: 60% (six bars)
  • Skill points:
    - Intelligence: 48
    - Art: 91
    - Kindness: 61
The letter we needed finally came in!

Pictured: Tutu holding up a letter that resembles an exclaimation mark held within some square brackets: [!].

This letter is usually reserved for important things on the V4, such as being accepted into school and the like.

When you recieve a letter to a job offering session on this device, you are offered five different jobs up-front. I've forgotten the total job count on the V4, but let's just say it's a loooot more than five jobs - different sessions give you randomly-chosen jobs to try and have a swing at.

For ours, we had lots of variety: Tutu could've been a hairdresser (I always enjoyed that minigame on this ver), a kindergarten aid, a seamstress (woohoo!), a gardener, and, uh... some other job I didn't get a photo of and have thus forgotten about. Oops!

Thinking it was perfect for her, we first went for the seamstress job, but...

Pictured: Four panels of Tutu applying for jobs... and getting rejected in the subsequent images.

When you select a job to apply for, your tama gets examined by three judges. You need all three 'O's to pass (very similar to the Pro Debut feature on the V6!). Even just one 'X' will ensure you don't get hired there.

As you can see in those images, we not only got rejected by two of the judges at the seamstress place - going to the hairdressing job proved an agonizingly-close loss as well! It seemed poor Tutu was having no luck at the places we thought suited her to a T.

Feeling a little desparate, we applied for the gardening job:

Pictured: >=(

And also found nothing but bad luck there.

The screen then scrolled across to the kindergarten job. Tutu and I looked at each other... this was our last chance (until the next round of offers came in, anyway).

Pictured: All three judges giving the all-clear at the kindergarten job. (the building is halfway through scrolling back onto screen, hence why it is crushing those poor bastards. They deserved it.)

And we got it!

Tutu was hired on the spot. Not our first choice for a job, but she seemed pretty happy to be there.

Job minigames are not only more in-depth than the built-in games, they also earn you a lot of money (if you play them well, that is) when you check the next day. This minigame involved watching the bus and counting how many students were getting on and off in a single round. If you win the round, you get to advance further and earn a whoooole bunch of money. Wouldn't be surprised if one of these games was how Aba got rich, haha!

Here's Tutu excelling at her job:

Pictured: A three-strip collage of Tutu watching students get on and off the bus at a time. The final panel has the total number of students on the bus, which is 0, counted correctly in the corner! Tutu gets a completed 'O' above her head as a visual.

Very nice!


Okay Sylvester, show us what you got. You can do this!
Thank you, Tutu. I can do this!
And just what are you two doing?
Trying to make one of those job judges trip over. Look at 'em, all smug, walking home from their 9 to 5. happy2
Oh, okay.
Remember! Think naughty thoughts!
Think naughty thoughts... think nau...
Oh, fiddlesticks.

I'm just gonna leave.

...and now they're leaving a note on someone's parking fine. *Squints* Says they'll pay it off free of charge.
...is that my car?

Next post: Tutu starts using public transport. ABCDE lends Tutu their travel card after discovering Tutu's card expired over seven years ago. Sylvester takes a course in public speaking, and succeeds with flying colours.

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