Anyone remember the virus 'Tamago.doc'?

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Mar 14, 2022
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The point of running it in a sandbox would be to get actual footage of what it looks like(while theoretically keeping the computer safe), not to recreate what we'd imagine it to be or look like (^~^; )ゞ If I do decide to fuss with the file in any capacity I'll be sure to be very careful.👍

The other doesn't even look like an ascii, but regardless, I'll need to do my own research to ensure everything is up to my sourcing standards if I do a video on it. Thanks for the initial lead, however! :kurbotchi:

Also, you might wanna double check the rules on double posting. TT let's ya edit for a couple hours, so quick little follow ups don't get registered as a certain kind of canned meat and make extra work for our lovely and hard working mods 💖:tongue:

Edit: I might be thinking of a virtual machine over a sandbox. I'm not the most techy, I'd deffo get my partner to help me (^~^; )ゞ
How do u get the animated Emoji???