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May 29, 2014
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Hello tama fans! Well, I'm not sure why I faded away from this forum, but I'm back and hope to participate a bit more. I was glad I was able to get back into my old account.

I recently noticed the P1 and P2 re-releases, and got a few since all my old ones are non-functional anymore (I know, sad). I never had a P2 as a kid so that's fun too. While I grew up with the P1 it isn't my favorite release, but I'm glad to have working versions back in my collection. I haven't searched around too much yet, but I have read a bit that the re-releases are different from the originals. Does anyone know if you can just feed it food and snacks to keep it alive? I read that if you only feed the snacks then it will die sooner, but I wasn't clear if you must play the game from time-to-time or if you must just not overfeed the snacks. Actually a bit annoyed if this is a new feature as I don't always want to play those games on the old ones. I quite like the tamagotchi minis. They scratch the nostalgia itch for me just right.

My birthday is coming up and so I splurged on the three variants of Tamagotchi Ons (I got fairy pink, magic green and wonder garden purple). If anyone wants to chat about marriages and such send me a message! I opened the pink fairy one already and and loving everything about it. My only other color tama prior to this was an English iD L and it was fun, but certainly dated by now and has screen flicker, etc.

A bit about me, 37 almost 38. I love Tamagotchi of course, but I also like Nintendo (Animal Crossing, Zelda, Stardew Valley). I also play the mobile game Line Play. I have a dog, cat, fish and plants, husband and 5-year old...I guess I'm the nurturing type though I never think of myself that way. If anyone is close to me in age range I'd love to chat about our collections and such.
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Hello ^^ I'm fairly new here but welcome back!

The re-releases are quite different when it comes to snacks. The snacks will kill them fast; you can even die as child if you feed too many T_T Basically you should be playing the game as much as possible. I fed a few snacks to mine and still got Mametchi though (but it was like... 2 snacks or something hahaha, did it on accident). I feel you on not always wanting to play the games, especially with how stupid Character Game is. P2 at least has Number Game which is more bearable :)

I got myself a Pix for my birthday last month :p I've been loving it. Have you considered doing a Log of your Ons here? That would be fun to read.

I'm 36 myself so similar in age ^^ Also love Nintendo. Have you been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons with the new update?? I haven't had much chance to play it yet.
I was tempted to get a Pix but decided for the On after watching reviews. How are you liking your Pix? What do you think of the touch buttons? I was consindering getting the green one on pre-order.

Thanks for the information on the P1/P2 snacks. It sounds like you can’t even feed snacks at all which is annoying. Maybe it makes it easier to get the bad characters? I agree with you on the number game. I can at least use a brain cell or two for it. They both are repetitive though. As a kid it was fun but these days I just wanna feed food and snack and be done. I guess that’s why I enjoy the Tama Mini as it is just food and snacks.

I hadn’t done a log before. I’ll have to check out that section and see if it’s something I could keep up with.

Yes, I have been playing ACNH with the update. It is a lot of fun. If you wanted to visit my island or dream address let me know!

Thanks for the reply and happy belated birthday!
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Welcome back! You have excellent taste in Tamagotchi characters ;) Also great to see another 30+ member. 33 over here, 34 in January.

I opted for the Pix instead of the On, so I can answer your questions if that's alright. Long story short, I love the heck out of it.

I have no trouble with the touch sensor buttons, and enjoy the swipe and multi-press input options they provide. I'm not into marriage and breeding so the straightforward caretaking storyline fits my preferences perfectly. And there are SO MANY MINIGAMES. I'm never bored with it. Camera play is cleverly integrated and not actually mandatory, so that's nice. The only drawbacks are the bulky size (the batteries go in HORIZONTALLY) and pitiful battery'll need to invest in rechargeables.

Granted it's not for everyone, but as a hardcore classics fan I'm rather fond of it.

I'd love to visit your ACNH island! The update drew me back in too.

See you around!
Welcome back! happy2

Glad to see old TamaTalkers find their way to forums. :smile2:

I’m not a big fan of the re-releases like said they tend to be more sensitive and for someone like me who’s used to the connections and the newer versions that was difficult for me to do! I assume everything else is fine regarding the gameplay except feeding your tama less snacks.

I thought I’m one of the oldest people in here but I guess not :biggrin: I’m 26 years I enjoy playing on console and my favorite versions or releases are the connections (and their Japanese equivalent), Tamagotchi Mix, Tamagotchi Meets (equivalent to the On), Devilgotchi and Magical Witches.

Hope to see a log of your current run in here. :blink:
I'm personally loving my Pix, I got a log going in the Logs section (though it's a lot to read at this point XD). There's lots to do on it and I love the cooking and minigames. I get sad when it goes to sleep because I can't play with it anymore for the night XD It's my first modern/color Tama; before this the newest one I've played with was a V3. I don't mind the touch buttons; at first they were a little annoying because I kept pressing the wrong ones (they're very sensitive and fickle) but once I got the hang of exactly where I needed to press it stopped being an issue. But even then sometimes I still press the wrong buttons. It doesn't really bother me though. I tap wrong stuff on my phone and click wrong stuff on my computer so it's just a part of the electronics life XD

But yeah like OldSchoolVPQ, I prefer the classic-style stuff and don't have much interest in breeding or marriage or whatever, so the Pix works great for me. Though I'm still hoping to get an On soon so I can compare it; my parents usually send a little money for xmas so I might use that bonus to grab one :3

And yeah the thing is honkin' HUGE. And it eats through batteries like a hungry hippo. When I first got it I was playing it so much, I had to change the batteries in 24 hours. Then it was like every other day. Now it's like every 3-4 days as I'm not just constantly playing it and using the camera non-stop for cooking. But even then 3-4 days is not very long for batteries to last. So you're definitely gonna want chargies if you play with it.

I actually haven't been playing ACNH with the new updates because I'm intimidated to get back in. It's been several months since I last played and I hate all the weeds and roaches hahaha. I feel so bad for the roaches because their little ghosts pop out when you squish them :( I wish you could catch them with your net. But if I do start it up again it would be fun to visit islands :3 I really do wanna get back into it becuase Brewster is my favorite character in the series.
Thanks for your reply everyone! How long is the battery life on the Pix? I do like the straightforward gameplay too. For the Pix is it best to have 1 or 2 to access everything?

Bandai hopefully will follow in the Smarts footsteps and start making rechargeable tamas. Though I do wonder how that will effect their longevity. Being able to pull out vintage tamas, pop batteries in, and continue is very nice. A rechargeable may need to be plugged in constantly to play when it is older.

I like the connections as well. The original P1/P2 hold a special place in my heart, but the connections are a lot more fun. I was in college when they came out and really never knew about them until 2014 when I got my first V3 and V4.5. I recently got another V3 as well as a V2 and V1. It’s gonna be a good birthday this year 😇

And thank you kiwitchi for the welcome 🙏

Just saw the reply that the batteries only lasted 24h on the Pix that’s crazy. I do have rechargeable batteries but still 24h–4 days….not sure about that. I’m still testing how long my On will last. I read that it should be about 7 days which is short as well.

As for ACNH don’t feel intimidated! Also do weeds actually grow like in the old games? I plant weeds across my island and I’ve never had them spread or pop up on their own. My island is five star with loads of weeds. And you can catch roaches with your net. I think you do need one for your museum.
Oh the weeds spread and grow all right...I didn't play for four months and my island had close to 150 weeds on it when I returned! They don't bring your island rating down like in past games, and if you fund Leif's shop on Harv's island co-op collective you can ask him to take care of the weeds for you.

Back on Tama-topic...having played both the Smart and the battery-vampire Pix, I still have a preference for battery-run units. 25 years down the line and original P1s still work great, you can take them apart and fix virtually any part of them. But with the rechargeable Smart had a hidden factory defect in the charging port, and I can't do anything except wait for a replacement unit to come in. Plus, once the lithium ion polymer battery reaches the end of its life, that's it - the Tamagotchi becomes unplayable.

Sure, internal rechargeable batteries are light and convenient in the short-term, but they're not going to stand the test of time.
I literally had no idea about the ACNH weeds. I never saw them once spread on their own, and I had left the game for some months in the past. I just read about it and saw it helps them spread if you water them. I’m gonna try it.

Just curious, how long did the battery last on the Smart between recharges.

Sadly my P1s do not work and longer. Maybe they are fixable, but I am not interested.

I just searched it up myself and seems like you must charge it daily. I read it lasts 30 hours. I’d still like to get a Smart one day if they release in English, but I think I prefer the old battery operated ones as well. Makes the Pix more desirable to me lol
A rechargeable may need to be plugged in constantly to play when it is older.
And there's a chance of the (inevitably proprietary and impossible to replace) battery swelling and catching fire/exploding due to age and/or defect, as with all lithium-ion rechargeables. :oo There's a possibility of them ending up completely unusable in the future. (Always check your lithium-ion and lithium-polymer devices for safety's sake, folks - and don't forget to look up how to safely get them out of your house and disposed of before you find any bloating!)

Anyway, it's nice to meet you! :biggrin: I'm another one of the TamaTalkers who's about the same age as you - the original devices came to the West when I was 13, and I still love them now.

I'm majorly fond of the original Gen 1 and Gen 2 devices along with the monochrome Game Boy game and the Minis and license-based Nanos, but didn't get on with the Pix (for me, the controls break it, unfortunately, though it undeniably has a huge amount of fun ideas on offer) - to my surprise, I actually enjoyed the Meets/On, even though I don't enjoy any of the other versions that feature marriage/breeding (I think that the gene-mixing feature was well-implemented and justified the marriage mechanic).

Aside from Tamagotchis, I'm into retro video games (and fan-made hacks/mods thereof) and Raspberry Pi computers (I even built my own custom laptop around one earlier in the year).
Just wanted to share some pictures of my collection.

Everything in Storage
Three of the orange boxes are empty for future releases and one clear box is empty. The purse turned into my toolbox. This storage isn’t glamorous or meant to be seen. This is actually inside of a sliding door closet which is usually kept closed. I like it as it keeps dust out.

Top row: P1/G1
Middle row: P2/G2
Bottom row: Angel, Osu/Mesu, Garden, Ocean. The yellow angel is from my childhood. It is special because my dad had gotten it for me. He passed away in 2020.

The green and yellow solid colors are special to me as they match my original tamas which I have retired since they no longer work well. I always wanted the pink one as a kid too. I like the translucent ones the most though. The green is my favorite one so I snagged an extra.


Tamatown Figures

Tamatown Tama-go & Friends
The rounded Tama-gos don’t sit well so I made them little nests :)

On & Mame Game

Pix & Pixel Stars Digital Dreamhouse

Nano, DNA Fish & Christmas themed + extras. I have a printed Santaclautch as a reminder I’d like to snag one some day.

Enamel Pins

Only allowed 10 pictures per post so will share the rest in the next entry.
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Space Theme
I’m looking forward to the GigaPets Bigfoot release, and also pre-ordered the Nano Grogu.

20th Anniversary and X. The purple X is one I received from the pre-order mishap with the gold X programming. Still waiting for those to release again. The green beads are for reminding me which have batteries in them. Since these aren’t translucent cases it can be difficult to remember and I don’t want to have to unscrew them all each time I forget.

I’m looking forward to the new frog release and awaiting my glitter Pixie which I’ve pre-ordered. I mostly have new releases. I did not have GigaPets growing up.

Pig Theme
Since I am year of the pig.

GigaPets Explorer & Minipets
I’ve played this one a lot, and there is not much information about it online. If anyone has questions about it I’m happy to answer.

My Ita Bag, my trusty screwdriver set and selection of lanyards. Several of the lanyards are for specific nanos. Mostly I use the space and rainbow ones on the right.

The shoebox that I used to store my entire collection in the past. Until I outgrew it, and I also realized I needed to store them better.

Lastly, my retired P1s from childhood. One is in a P2 box, I just had these on hand and like seeing the art of each one so I stuck one in the P2 box.
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Welcome back! Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection. What were your favorites?
Honestly I like them all, or I wouldn’t keep them as part of my collection. It is my philosophy to only keep my favorites. For me I focus on English language devices which helps keep my collecting in check. Still my collection is quite large. Sometimes I’ll snag a duplicate in case one should break in the future.

Still to answer your question; I do like the Genjintch. I like ancient artifacts and aliens, and the characters in this one scratch that itch. Plus I love the vintage era straightforward gameplay.

Also the Pixel Stars Digital Dreamhouse is quite fun. It isn’t a tama or vpet but it is similar and entertaining. It can be played anytime, unlike the tamas that sleep at night. I kept it on my nightstand and played it at night before bed. Check it out if you haven’t already.

I can tell you which one I didn’t like and sold off from my collection :newmametchi: I used to own two English iD L, but after a month of having two I decided I didn’t enjoy it, and didn’t need to connect them. So I sold one off just a month or so after getting it back in 2014. I sold the second one in 2021. The only tamas from my collection I ever sold. There is a lot of hype around the English iD L, but—having been lucky enough to have one—I’m here to say it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure it was fun in general as any tama is, but it actually was not 100% translated. Not being able to read all the dialog was a put off for me. Plus the screen flicker was bad. I read up on how to repair it, but I did not want to buy tools to repair a tama I was not going to play. Since I was not happy with the translation and had recently gotten new color versions (On, Pix) that were fully in English it was an easy call for me to just sell it. I mentioned this in a thread once before and some people were surprised, but I have no regrets. After a few months playing with it in 2014 I hardly played it. I don’t miss it.

- - - - -

I wanted to add I also like the GigaPets Explorer a lot too. I have a 5-year-old and this is a great introductory game system for young kids. He can play it on his own and enjoy it, and I find it entertaining too. The extra Minipets are unique. If you don’t have a kid, you may like it less. It does have it’s pitfalls too, but it is fun.
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Welcome back to the world that only matters!!! I promise I'm not crazy, perhaps a touch insane. But never crazy, nope. Not me.

I hope you find your time back fulfilling. I actually just returned after about 15 years of hiatus. I hit a bad patch in life, and had to sell off my entire collection. US Oceans, US Angelgotchi's, JP Devilgotchi, JP Santagotchi. You name it, I had it and I sold it to survive. Seeing your collection fills me with such regret for what I had done. I see you are a Digimon fan as well! Out of my entire collection, I only kept my Digimon version 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 and my Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 (which is now broke from 15 years of non-stop play). I also noticed a few I am not familiar with that must have released after I had to abandon the hobby. But it's a good solid collection!