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Thanks! I always wondered if maybe obliging him would give an extra boost of happiness, but then I have a little routine for upping happiness. The second picture in your first collage is hilarious :lol: It looks almost like both the parent and the child started crying over toppled blocks.

Sorry I haven't been logging, school is... Busy.. But, while I have the time at almost 6am this tuesday morning; The V3 had a baby girl and I named her Pixie. She grew up into a Sekitoritchi, which I know is bad, but I haven't felt very much in a Tama mood lately... On the V4 we have Zoomy, a girl who evolved into a Masktchi and had a baby with Gozarutchi, I believe a baby boy. I'm not sure what to name him. Other than that I've been putting them to sleep a lot, I'm just too busy trying to get used to school and getting back into DnD and all such things. I'll get used to it, I'm just not yet. I think just one Tamagotchi at a time is the way to go for me, haha..

That's perfectly understandable that you've been busy but, you still remembered this hatch and that's a good thing (usually people will just drop off and never be heard from again). Don't worry about what character you get as they are on a Tamagotchi to be obtained, and the care hierarchy is unimportant (I doubt anyone will judge you for it, either). Personally I like the bad care characters because I rarely get to seem them and like all tamagotchis, they have their own little charms. And :gozarutchi: Gozarutchi and :ph34r: Masktchi are so cool looking.

Not much has happened, so I haven't logged for awhile (also, I was moving and then got sick).


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Anyhow, Mercy & Lewis grew into elders and got married (gross, I know, but incest is normal in some species). I'll probably stop logging soon because my yellow V2 is giving me a hard time pressing the B button and that's more annoying than you'd expect. Also, I'm just losing interest, in general.



I hear you about annoying unresponsive buttons. My V3 was like that for a good while till I cleaned it. Cleaning buttons is really easy as you just need some rubbing alcohol, a q-tip, and mini screwdrivers to open your tama. First you open your tama, unscrew the circuit board to get to the front, lift the front of the Tamagotchi away from the board, and rub the q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol against the button contacts (underneath the buttons on the board) and the underside of the buttons. Clean button contacts should be gleaming and completely silver. Then just put the Tamagotchi back together and voilà! It works wonders.

Also I just realized Hazel is a bigamist XD Although, technically Tamagotchis don't really "marry" so that's untrue. I remember my grandmother talking about getting a rooster to "freshen up" the hens on the farm so that biological angle kinda works. I'm going to leave that category of biology alone now :wacko:

I hear you about annoying unresponsive buttons. My V3 was like that for a good while till I cleaned it. Cleaning buttons is really easy as you just need some rubbing alcohol, a q-tip, and mini screwdrivers to open your tama. First you open your tama, unscrew the circuit board to get to the front, lift the front of the Tamagotchi away from the board, and rub the q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol against the button contacts (underneath the buttons on the board) and the underside of the buttons. Clean button contacts should be gleaming and completely silver. Then just put the Tamagotchi back together and voilà! It works wonders.
I did that recently. It's a very, very old device. It's probably meeting its end.

Dream m!x | Gen 3​
Ovi had a very happy childhood supported by his loving parents. He spent a little time as a cute grub-like teenager before growing into a really cute adult! He became best friends with Bushinosuketchi from Gozaru village. Bushinosuketchi gave him a cool samurai hat which somehow caused Shigurehimetchi to fall madly in love with him. What a great wingman. They got married and had an egg together.


v4 | Gen 1​
Leg turned into an old man without ever getting married (forgot oyajitchi has a different time schedule to normal tamas). He also retired from his job as a chef. Maybe now that he has more free time, he'll be able to find that special someone? (I'm raising a v3 to mate with him)

Dream m!x | Gen 4​
Ovi's and his wife had a son called Yaytso who was very good at finding coins in hot springs. I didn't get any photos of his teenage stage, but he inherited a lot of his mother's colouration and the orange from the previous gens, making for a very colorful combination. He spent a lot of time in Dream Town doing part time gigs, and became very good friends with Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi, so it was no surprise when he ended up marrying Yumemitchi. They had a big fancy wedding and were blessed with a daughter whom they named Anda.


Dream m!x | Gen 5​
I didn't get many photos of Anda, but Yumemitchi also seems to have strong genetic features, because most of her evolutions were just Yumemitchi's head slapped on the base sprite. She ended up as a cute white repaint of Yumemitchi with a tail.


That ends 5 generations of the dream m!x, however I'll still be logging my v4 sporadically. I've made a little compilation of all the family photos from this hatch below.

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I have been continuously thinking of updating my log but my main dilemma is I seldom have the time for it till the weekend. Or possibly, my main dilemma is that I am still learning how to spend 15 minutes a day on something and complete it bit by bit instead of having nothing and doing it all at once. I do plan to get something out this weekend or even this Friday evening, and it will probably be a batch of logs instead of a single one. Also, general updates are that Demo has been showing signs of neediness in her old age of 24 (could be off a few days), Kazoo (Nemo's daughter who grew into a Makiko) has been hanging around longer since I discovered new password unlockables, and Omen's son will probably have the matchmaker calling in a few days as his brother got married at 3 years old. In general their lives have been pretty ordinary just sitting on my desk in a stand, being attended to without care mistakes, and seeing the occasional glimpse of outdoors and the occasional snack or item (funnily enough, that has been my life also).

Although I have been taking notes, some of my later entries will have less detail than usual because I got lazy with my note-taking (though not so lazy that I have absolutely nothing).

sorry ive been gone so long! i lost my, surviving tamagotchi.. I left them home at school one day and one died, the other only survived because it was a new baby who hadn't yet been named;; And then.. I lost it. oops. I set it on my bed to take care of once i finished my hw but it got shuffled under some blankets and I couldn't find it til earlier today when I finally decided to really look now that my depressions been letting up. I don't think I'll log here anymore; I'm fairly behind and I don't think its fair that I just- lost a tamagotchi for... Almost two weeks, ish just to rejoin the planned hatch but thank you all so much for the fun while it lasted. Love y'all!!!!!!!! :wub:

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I finally got a new update ready. I seem to be destined to always be the last one to finishing my log, but oh well. At least Eggiweg will have some company while her V4 reaches those last generations :^)

==Mardi le 21 août==
On this day Nemo got his final TamaTomo but unfortunately due to force of habit, I skipped his special animation. I usually pick up my tamas during the day and mechanically press buttons to get to the status screen, thus Nemo’s animation stopped the second I pressed a button. I felt bad about that since it was a one time animation and never reoccurred unlike the other TamaTomos. It really didn’t help things that, that animation always happen when the ID is brought out of screensaver mode the first time that day.

Around 5:25, I answered Omen’s important mail to set in motion his job hunting journey. He never set foot in school, just like his caretaker ;^) As was to be expected, he screamed as his teacher gave a tearful goodbye – I honestly have no idea if tamas here are supposed to be angry or crying their eyes out and telling the teacher how badly they’ll miss them. Then off went Omen into the great wide world to find a suitable occupation to fund his craving for toys and different foods (honestly, they wont be any worse off if they didn’t work and they have no expenses).


He tried a few places and did not win the favour of the interviewers till he took his fluffy self to be a weight lifter. The interviewers must have seen muscles under all that fluff because he was hired and the king showed up to give him his own special barbell. That item proved wonderfully ironic when it came to the actual task of pulling weights (by my button mashing to fill the meter, it’s actually quite simple). You can see below how that little guy fared.


I took Demo along with me when I went walking, umbrella in hand. There was a thunder storm before and the characteristic downpour, but it was all over now so I went strolling around the neighbourhood, particularly in a curve I normally don’t walk down. It was peaceful and dripping and we mostly stayed on the sidewalks as they were drier. I think shortly after I came back I tagged along again to pick up my mother from work, Demo coming with me of course. I remember very little of that event except my mother was having a rough day.

At home we had dinner and (I think) I brought all of my tamas out to watch our entertainment: a retro documentary on “ancient mysteries” narrated by Rod Serling (Twilight Zone creator) and a little bonkers (what else would one expect?). Afterwards, whatever tama was up around 11-ish got to watch an episode of Gravity Falls with me, an episode late in the series. After that it was time to hit the hay.

==Mercredi le 22 août==
Not much happened on this day because, as my notes put it, there was “losto studying”. A little before one I got an interesting picture of Demo, side-by-side a tamatchi on my V3. It’s interesting to note that on the P1, tamatchis are teens but on my V3, they are toddlers.


I presumably took Demo on a walk and thought I was going to have the evening to myself when my remaining family members went to a bible study, but that fell through. At one point I picked up Omen and video taped him using his trumpet, hoping to preserve that lovely tune of his. What resulted was an out of tune, slight screechy recording of his performance. Beyond my tamas watching another late night episode of Gravity Falls, I got these cute picture of Omen brushing his teeth before bed:


==Jeudi le 23 août==
I took pictures of Nemo while he played with some items and let him take a brief break in the morning air.


I then decided to harass him with a yellow bow, which he utterly detested but I thought he looked cute :^P A little while later I maxed out his happiness.


Around 1:47, Omen headed into work to get his first pay check!


I made him play a game of apple catching afterwards because, weirdly enough, the jobs on these versions do not reduce weight so he was getting porky (not really a problem).

Around 6:50, I went walking in the breezy evening and I think I took Demo while pausing everyone else (‘cept Sotilde, but y’all probably understand her special privileges). It was a beautiful day with the strongest rays of sunset bathing the world in an orange splendour, but I could not linger. I had a French speaking test that day and I had to head back for some last minute practice. Everyone was paused when I got back. I was nervous and shaky when I took the test but it wasn’t as gruelling as I had expected and I passed. My hatch group was unpaused after dinner but Demo was left on pause. Nemo and Omen eventually winked out and I took all of my tamas upstairs when it was time for me to do so too, Demo displaying the paused clock screen.

I wonder if I am logging alone, but then I’ve always been so late in updating that, that pretty much happens in all the hatches I’ve been in. All of my hatch group is still alive and we will be finishing in the real world shortly. As both my ID and my V4.5 are on generation 3, I think I’ll officially finish when generation 4 gets married.

==Vendredi le 24 août==
As I had a deadline that day, I worked intensely and my brood would no doubt have an average day of being housebound. Cutting out all distractions meant not taking pictures, however; I only remember that after I took pictures of Omen’s matchmaker.


I then had a series of connections between Omen and Glitter who was his wife to be, as I had already taken pictures. First they had a balloon pumping contest which Omen was victorious in – although he had much more weight to throw around since his fiancée was still a teenager – and then a failed connection where he pumped balloons alone. They ended with an eating contest which Omen won, obviously. I checked their friendship entries to find they were at one face each, merely acquaintances.


Later I harassed Nemo when I forced him to eat a “yucky” bowl of rice. It is hilarious how he throws a fit that I want to give him much more @_@ You should have known better, Nemo, you should have known better.


Demo was still in limbo and I planned to unpause her later, as she was nearly on real time, but that never happened. Meeting the deadline, my awake tamas and I relaxed with the Gravity Falls finale. It had a pretty good ending that instead of being conclusive and tying up loose ends, it left the characters in the best circumstance possible all the while being realistic. Ending stories is an art and while the conclusion of events is a logical ending, or even giving an answer to what the characters did with the rest of their lives, endings should be just satisfactory (obviously I’m giving nobody writing advice with something as vague as that XD).

It was raining in Nemo’s world, the only record I have being in the window of his bedtime snap.


==Samedi le 25 août==
It was a relaxing day where my tamas apparently had some music-filled desk time while I logged the past days of this hatch group. At 4:15, Demo evolved into Maskutchi! She had really weird animations, animations so weird I’m surprised I haven’t heard people mention it. Just look at her eating animation; it’s bizarre. Along with that, she looks more like a bird or some penguin-like creature and her main sprite isn’t the main perspective her species is usually presented as. Interestingly, Demo’s discipline bar stayed empty even though on my P2, the equivalent Zuccitchi would have its discipline jump to half-way.


I took some snaps of Demo playing the game, showing her usual presentation and her characteristic backward head throwing. Obviously her sprites heavily influenced Oyajitchi, but on Oyajitchi they make some sense while for Maskutchi, it just looks crazy. Humorously, I have to wait for Demo to stop wiggling her hips before I saw what direction she chose in the game. That lags the game, but is amusing.

Demo roomed with Sotilde in my two-tama stand during meals. At 7:50 Demo beeped for discipline, unsurprising considering Maskutchi can evolve into the secret character. Not much happened with Omen or Nemo on this day. Around 11, Demo beeped at me and was fast asleep under a blanket – which if I didn’t know any better, I would call a box because the sprite wasn’t designed that well (it is more clear in other illustrations).


==Dimanche le 26 août==
I took Demo to church with me and she got her second discipline during the service. I just happened to check her and find that her attention icon was lit. On the way back, since I had my 2DS I took a picture of Demo in my customary tama-case, with her companion Sotilde.


At home, my hatch group had a pretty relaxing time as I spent time logging, like yesterday. Around 6:33, Demo beeped again for discipline and I “yelled” at her, bringing her meter up to 75%. Everybody was taken upstairs for a game of Gin Rummy with my parents (it’s a card game, in case the name sounds misleading). That didn’t go too well as we half remembered the rules and played till someone got the ultimate game-stopping hand, instead of the more interesting mode where people pit their hands against each other. I tried to up Nemo’s happiness in between hands by playing the slot machine, which slowed down the game and made my father complain. My mother wanted to leave and accused me of messing up my hand, which isn’t an unusual comment from her. We eventually stopped for dinner.

Around 8:40, I took Nemo to the airport location which was accessible to him as his happiness meter was high enough.


That "OK !!" was the only thing I understood XD

I also took him to the photo shop to get his picture taken. I do this for all my ID tamas as a way to remember them. And that was the last highlight of the day.


==Lundi le 27 août==
Nothing much happened on this day besides I worried about Demo’s final discipline and starting the next generation on the others. I think Omen’s wife to be evolved that day into Bill. That is a female Bill name Glitter (Glitr). Lots of connections were in their futures. I had ESL, the last for a little bit, and paused everyone around 4:30. When I got back home, I left them paused over night.

==Lundi le 28 août==
My brood spent most of the day paused and around 11:30 p.m. I unpaused Omen and Demo. Omen speedily when to bed while Nemo was left on pause as I could very well unpause him at the right time the next day. I imagined the paused hours don’t build up to 24 hours but rather roll over back to the start again.

v4 | Gen 1​
Leg met a nice Otokitchi (on my V3), allaying my fears that he would die old and alone (and thus ending my generation streak). After the customary 2 days, he returned to tama planet, leaving his son, Liver in my care.


v4 | Gen 2​
Liver was a throughly unlucky tamagotchi, digging up snakes, demon plants and angry genies wherever he went. Though he wasn't unlucky in the love department, and married a nice Ponytchi with whom he had a son named Hart with.


v4 | Gen 3​
I didn't get many pictures of Hart growing up, he turned into a Mizumatchi after an hour and a Gourmetchi as a teen before evolving into a cute little Togetchi. He did pretty well at school, and decided he liked tamaschool enough to become a teacher there. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing. The matchmaker came for him a day ago and he is now a proud father.

Bonus: I found a tama-go in an op shop and found that the previous owner had great taste in names.

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@Knighttchi's Ballad, thanks for the company, I always love seeing how you fit tamas into your daily routine ^^

@QueenRita, no sweat about the logging, sorry that your tama died :'(

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Thank you, Eggiweg :lol: I've always preferred journal-style logs so I kept writing mines like that. It's especially helpful in anchoring events as in my head they end up all disorganized. Glad you're still around to log with me ^_^

v4 | Gen 4​
I named Hart's son Neck. I wanted to raise a special character, but was negligent at the start and got Young Androtchi as a teen, so I made an effort to answer his discipline calls and he finally evolved into a Mametchi. A lot of games of Shape later and he evolved into the special character, Tensaitchi. His "skirt" item animation looks like a big lab coat, so of course he went into a career of science and recieved a microscope from the tamagotchi king on his first day. The lab equipment matching game/job is very cute, and similar to the restaurant game. I'm hoping to keep him for as long as I can before he turns into an oldie.

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I thought I'd pop buy to give a little update since my log entries will be delayed. The delay is primarily due to the past Saturdays becoming work days, because I've been slow getting things done. Rest assured that just like the past year's Christmas hatch, I will indeed bring this log to completion no matter how delayed.

Now onto my hatch group. Demo has been hanging in there and is still with me, but she has been paused allot. The last time I checked her age she was 26, which is more accurate than it sounds because once my vintages get needy enough, I don't change the time when I unpause them so they run on their real time. I figure she is going to go any "full day" now but it's hard to say for the secret characters since they naturally have a longer life span. I do reckon she will pass away before my V4.5 is married. The fourth generation of my V4.5 and ID has already commenced, and I went with a "name of a place/country" name theme. On the long car trip up to see my uncle on Thanksgiving Sunday, I got my family to give names to the unnamed girl on my ID. My mother suggested "Nevada" and also "Phoenix" as the name for another one. So Nevada on my ID began her life that hour, or so I hoped but unfortunately her batteries died on me. Over the days she eventually reached adulthood, becoming the Memetchi I wanted. I married off Nevada and struggled with whether to run one last generation and get my final tamatomo stamp, or stop. I decided to deactivate my ID so Nevada's child is now stored data waiting to be awakened.

Generation 4 eventually started on my V4.5 after I stopped unintentionally pausing it in the evening so that the mother, a Memetich named Asuka, could leave. That "newborn" was Phoenix, a boy who evolved yesterday not into the Mametchi of my dreams, but a quirky Kuchipatchi. Mametchi is one Tamagotchi I have never gotten on my V3 and since he seems to be some symbol of good care, I would at least like to get him once. Although, I have got him on my Dream Town, ID, P1, and Akai, it just isn't the same not getting a Mametchi on an English connection model. So I was a little disappointed when Phoenix evolved into a Kuchipatchi which I had seen so many times before, but I've warmed up to him. His quirky, lopsided eyes in his eating animation are so cute, as is his "kissy face". Both of these I hope to provide with a picture to illustrate.

Beyond those events, all of my tamas have been alongside me during the march of everyday life, a season I will detail in future logs.

v4 | Gen 4​
Not much of an update, got some cute pictures of Neck using some items. Tensaitchi's item animations are all quite unique, the umbrella becomes a cute little hovering ufo thing and the cap item becomes a satellite dish. I also reunited Neck with his old childhood robot, proving no-one is ever too old for toys. The matchmaker came for Neck in his 9th year, and he had a baby daughter called Eye who evolved into a Puchitchi --> Ringotchi. Quite literally the apple of her father's eye.

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v4 | Gen 5​
Eye evolved into a cute rabbit and got a job at a salon 3 days later and of course, her very first customer was grandpa Hart. The shampoo animation kinda makes Eye look like she's performing brain surgery or something. The matchmaker came at 9 years and set Eye up with a nice Tosakatchi. She gave birth to a cute baby daughter to continue the cycle.

With that concludes my back to school log. See you in the halloween group hatch!

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