Christmas 2017 Group Hatch


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Sep 1, 2013
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Merry Christmas!

I'm making this topic a little early. If you don't know the rules, check the group hatch discussion. The most important part, have some Christmas time fun!

I hatched my music star, iDL, and 2 of my Tamagotchi P's.

My music star were twins, lol. They turned into Turtletchi and Mitsumarutchi


Next, here is my Tamagotchi p's in a bag of Christmas bows after some last minute Christmas wrapping.

I forgot to take a picture of my IDL. It's the green leaf tree character, Nannokitchi.


Finally, I hatched this Music Star with drums on it because it reminded me of the Christmas song, "little Drummer Boy." His name is Koby.


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Well here I am and just in case nobody’s seen the hatch thread, my Christmas themed activity will be making a Tamagotchi nativity scene. The way things are looking, that might happen on or after Christmas and it is really going to be unique ;^)

Anyway, I’ll be logging my Keitai Akai and 20th Anniversary Mini for this hatch. I thought the 22cd was going to be a no-work day, but since I still had to submit some papers it will not happen yet. Yesterday, I only got around to hatching my Akai and she began her life some time around 11 p.m., starting the 8th generation.


She has a rather Chirstmas themed shell and quite a nice combination, although something always looked a little funny with the colours. I named her “Sandy”, or rather I chose Japanese characters that could imply “Sandy” if they were English letters (a strange way to do this but funny all the same). She went through the usual baby stage routine and I caught her a few times and took her to the bathroom, which meant I didn’t have to play the game that much. I got pictures of her playing it and in this game she’s bumping letters into a mail box.


Notably, I also gave her a heart-shaped key to play with which would fill her hearts and make her gasp in awe, but since the baby characters have such limited animations she just bobbed up and down.


Overall, she had pretty good care although it doesn’t affect her overall growth. The way the Akai works, if the parents were either the two best characters (Ribotchi or Mametchi) the offspring will evolve into a different toddler. So because Sandy’s father was a Ribotchi (yes, with the bow and all), Sandy evolved into Kuribotchi. Unfortunately, she ended up sleeping next to a mess which I now wonder if that was even possible to avoid, since she was destined to got to bed immediately. Also, the Akai is rather hard to photograph since the pixels are so light.

Well, that’s all for day 1 and possibly tomorrow (or later) I’ll be recounting today, which will have my mini’s hatching and probably both of them watching me study XD

In the nativity scene, the mini should be baby Jesus lol


Come they told me

Pa rum pum pum pum

A new born King to see

Pa rum pum pum pum


She has a baby girl who was born on Christmas. I think she should have a fitting name. :D

They're doing fine but the baby poops too much. Rain will leave for the tamagotchi planet tonight probably and this makes me a bit sad cause I've had her for quite a long time (because of all this pausing and resetting/downloading) and she'll be gone forever. Strange how I bond with the little pixel blobs. I wonder how the little one will turn out. Some say that the baby's growing depends on how you've raised the parent, some say it depends on how you raise the new tama. I think the latter makes more sense.

Sorry for the delay! Although, seeing how most of our group hasn't said much, I guess it's okay. I'll blame my absence on enjoying the holidays with my tamas :^P

Due to the sequence of events, I haven’t hatched my mini yet. Because it has been so long since then, I’ll be excluding it from this hatch as it will no doubt drag out the log by a week more. It is worth noting that just like my other logs, the date will be written in French with the number being the bilingual reference point :^)

===Samedi le 23 decembre==
[Note: Samedi (sam-dee) means Saturday.]

It was an average day for Sandy as she spent most of her time chilling on my desk with my other tamas. She got a lot of care mistakes from deliberate neglect as I wanted to get a care different from all of my past ones. This meant her meters were only filled up by one heart and I either fed her snacks for happiness, let her play with toys, or played a game up to the bare minimum. One thing I did not do is let her messes stack up. I think she did get sick once that day. In the morning, I observed she got up very late (around 11) and she was still up after all my tamas had gone to sleep. I adjusted her clock and set her 2 hours off and then she finally went to bed.

===Dimanche le 24 decembre==
[Note: Dimanche (dee-mawsh) means Sunday.]

I paused Sandy early in the morning as I couldn’t afford to take her to church as she would be too distracting. When I and my family finally got home, we were destined to go back to church in two hours to help with the Christmas Eve service. Thus, Sandy was ultimately paused all day.

===Lundi le 25 decembre==
[Note: Lundi (lun-dee) means Monday.]

I’m pretty sure I woke up before my tamas that day and Sandy, along with my others, was placed on my downstairs desk some time after breakfast. Likely from the perch of my larger tama-stand, Sandy watched anime with me and my other tamas (primarily Inuyasha and Kyoukai no Rinne, incidentally by the same author). I’m pretty sure she had evolved shortly after she woke up, evolving into Young Mametchi. I was a little upset about that, realizing I was doomed to get a good care character having already got the good care teen.

As afternoon approached, I got ready to go sledding with my brother and father. We definitely had a white Christmas. I wasn’t planning on taking Sandy as neglected tamas are very noisy, but also because sledding is too much of a rough activity for tamas. Indeed, every single ride down the hill resulted in our sleds getting a quarter buried in snow at least. We didn’t exactly have a wipe out but there was rolling out of the sled and then trudging back up the hill. On particular funny story was how we went sledding through a patch of trees (with foliage, so things were safer) and as I went down the hill, a tree branch got in my way and I grabbed onto it, it snapped, and we both road down together! Consequently the path was much more wider now since it was a pretty thick branch. Next to that, all three of us piled into one sled and more or less 600 pounds rushed down the hill and bulldozed a deep path.

When I got back, around 2-3 hours later, I unpaused Sandy. We had lunch shortly after and I think I paused Sandy before I ate. After the gift unwrapping and reading the instructions for my new Giga Pet Yoda, I unpaused Sandy. It was a difficult choice keeping her on because I knew she would beep and lately I had taken to muting my tamas, for the sake of my family (or just my father, who is right next to my desk). Even though it was Christmas, I didn’t alter her care. Both her and my other tamas got to watch more anime and relax on my desk.

Things wound down as the day progressed and eventually Sandy winked out. I did get a picture of Sandy in the evening just so I didn’t miss her teen stage photo, too.

===Mardi le 26 decembre==
[Note: Mardi (mar-dee) means Tuesday.]

Ritually, my family and I go to my grandmother’s house for a family gathering every Boxing Day, which means a 3 hour car trip. I hurriedly packed, putting all of my active tamas in a single bag and a few things in my sanctioned travel bag. We then headed off. Unlike my last documented trip to my grandmother’s, this trip felt a bit more relaxed. The scenery was the same – a long road flanked by grassy plains, the occasional house, and linear-feeling towns – but it was all softened in an abundance of white snow. There were fewer animals but we did see some horses. I mostly amused myself with my tamas, checking them all periodically. The ones that got primary attention were my Giga Pet Yoda and Sandy who were sharing a small chocolate box as a container. It worked quite well as the extra thickness from their clips that were clipped to the side of the box helped the lid stay down. I rested my tama-bag against the back of the seat and then put Sandy and Yoda in front so they faced me.

As it was winter, we ate lunch in the car rather than freeze outside. We definitely felt the cold when we drove up to my grandmother’s house and then busied ourselves with collecting gifts out of the trunk. Sandy was paused because she would be too needy, which was a wise decisions as she would have had food shovelled down her throat to keep her quiet. Sandy was not unpaused since then and after our long return trip, I left her in my tama-bag on my bedroom desk.

===Mercredi le 27 decembre===
Sandy was unpaused and experienced the same bad care, upped to the second time she beeped on an empty meter or when she would shift back and forth in the center of the screen. Perhaps on this day I started clipping her to the zipper pull on my sweater where she hung like a pendant. She watched anime with Sotilde and my other tamas, which was primarily the downloaded episodes of Inuyasha as my internet was bad.

I had taken a renewed interest in dolls (my other hobby) and I wanted to take advantage of the boxing week deals. The thing was, I relied on my father to drive me so I could only go when it was convenient for him. I got my chance, riding awfully close to the time we had to pick up my mother from the subway. I packed Sandy along with two others in a pouch and tucked it away in my coat. As the Toyrus building was in sight, I looked at the time and grumbled if we should turn back as I was going to have only 5 minutes in store. My father laughed and mentioned we could have a little extra. I was still feeling a bit bitter entering the store but still went on. I checked Sandy occasionally as I browsed.

The store seemed to be reeling a bit from the holidays, yet probably that didn’t influence their sloppy electronics setup where the 2DS prices were so out of the way. We walked through the doll section at a reasonable pace, I recognizing most of the selection and frowning at the expensive prices (sometimes compared to the product that was selling for it). I did hang onto a fashion pack with a green-haired, green-skinned cyclops (only by Monster High, of course, and it was also discounted). We later headed home with her and had a quick turn around to pick up my mother from the subway.

I suspect there was some after dinner relaxing and eventually Sandy winked out.
- - - -
I know I’m backlogged but I thought I should post what I have rather than nothing. Sandy has evolved and is enjoying her time being pestered by the matchmaker. I’ll go into detail in the next log.

This is the last picture I have. My music star turned into Kuchipatchi. The IDL was a KuroMametchi. Both of my P's were twin Rightchis.


Well, I haven’t been as faithfully logging as I would have liked and I wonder if this wasn’t a good time for me. Nevertheless, I plan to finish this log and will do so in two posts, of which this is the first.

==Jeudi le 28 decembre==
My father had agreed to take me to Walmart that morning as I still wanted to check out the next biggest toy store for deals. Sandy was up by then and I took her upstairs, intending to put her in a pouch after I changed. While I was changing, I heard her beep and discovered to my horror a wispy shinigami with cat-like ears hanging in the upper corner, waiting to take her soul. I had neglected her too much. She was also sick and none of the icons responded and I couldn’t heal her.

I then remembered that if I hurried to the grave, I could wake up one of the deceased tamagotchis I had cared for to fight the god of death. So I dug into the menus and found the grave of Wostilde, a young mametchi I neglected too much in trying to get a bad care character. She was smiling as I had other tamas visit her before and pay reverence. I think she came out of her picture frame, flew around the shinigami, and chased him off. Wostilde then headed back to her grave, appearing stiff with her eyes shut. I then concluded she must be resting. Man, did I fill up all of Sandy’s meters and check her anxiously throughout the day.

We went to Walmart, also reeling from the holidays, and found the selection dissatisfying. The only doll I have have been inclined to buy – the black 2017 Holiday Barbie – was still at the full price of $45. Even more bizarre than how an obviously Christmas item was not discounted, was how they had so many of them. I speculated on going to another Walmart but my father thought they would be the same. Instead, I somewhat deflatedly asked if there was a second-hand store nearby. We headed to Value Village and entered the store, which looked the same as always with its vast, one room setup of all kind of things (mostly clothes). We headed right, turned at the shoe section, and found their “display” of dolls. In short, this was a rather manhandled selection sealed tightly in bags.

After I browsed, I headed over to the porcelain doll section and while I was nearly there, I checked Sandy. To my delight, she evolved into Kurokotchi, a familiar face from my V3. As I never got a picture of her normal sprite due to the future events, I’ll use the pictures I took of her animations to illustrate:


We headed home, with several dollies for the average in-store price of one. At home was probably the usually relaxing and anime watching till dinner, and the inevitable tama-bedtimes.
==Vendredi le 29 decembre==
Another easy day. As our internet was a little better, I took advantage of it and started downloading episodes of Inuyasha and watching others with my tamas as the downloaded. Sandy may have been hanging from my zipper pull all the while (I don’t remember what day I started this). My father was on the phone with the internet company and, still talking on the phone, came over to me and asked me to do a speed test because my computer had a different connection than his laptop. Ultimately, I was led to close my browser – killing my download – and run a few speed tests on explorer. At one point my father passed on the customer support man’s instructions to restart my computer, further eliminating my download.

I think my father turned on the speaker phone so while we carried out the customer support man’s instructions, we heard a distorted jumble of sounds. Bear in mind this all happened unannounced and my desk is where I keep all my active tamas, most of which are muted but some aren’t. I actually paused one needy vintage so that the caller on the other end didn’t get confused, and it would be a really bad time to reintroduce him to Tamagotchis XD One of the speed tests was particularity bad and after my father said (I think) the download was “0.07”, there was a long pause on the phone and then “Crap”. My father and I stared at each other in amazed disbelief (professionalism, snort).

A few times we were entering... computer commands (not a techie) in programming language and the man started doing it the long way with “T as in Tango”, “W as in Water”, “E as in Exile”, and “R as in Redneck Rudolph” (the last 3 are made up, but you get the idea). While it did make sense to do it that way as our phone was over VoIP and thus dependant on our internet, all I remembered was the excess word-age and I knew I wasn’t supposed to type “tanagowaterexileredneckrudolph/” and ask my computer to follow it. Thankfully my father kept track of the letters. The end of it all was exhausting our alternatives and getting the man to make a potential appointment for New Year’s Day for a Bell truck.

Life went back to normal and I think was spent watching anime and at my desk in general. Since Sandy was a care mistake away from death, she was watched like a hawk. As hours passed, bedtimes were reached. I think Sandy may have winked out at 10ish as she was probably on accurate time, as neglected characters sleep in late and compensate with night hours (ironically like me).

==Samedi le 30 decembre==
We were now into the real weekend, which would have been spent largely the same except I had to bake that day. Cooking with tamas is something I would have been doing more of had I got more adjusted to my course schedule. Anyway, how I’ve always been doing this is bringing up all my active tamas to the table across from the kitchen, setting them up in a stand, and then checking them when I had a moment. So Sandy sat with the others at the table from an elevated perch, directly in sight of me as I busily prepared shortbread cookies for belated Christmas presents. As I doubled the recipe – wanting to have some leftover for us, too – I was baking while the rest of my family was eating. It was only after the last pan went in that I headed downstairs, only to return 5-10 minutes later. I think I may have left my tamas on the table or taken the stand downstairs.

I assume the day was usual and judging from my internet history, we probably watched less anime (if none at all). Sandy was cared for throughout the day and didn’t suffer a care mistake. She ultimately winked out in a clean environment, looking as cute as she usually did (her mouth even forms a heart in her happy sprite!). I wish I had gotten more picture of her, but alas.

==Dimanche le 31 decembre==
As it was Sunday, we headed off to church and I took Sandy with me along with her device-wise cousin Sotilde. We got there early as my father had to do sound so I headed to the kitchen, stowing my bag with my tamas in a cupboard. I think we got allot of donations for the refreshments, notably Chirstmas cookies and cake from a wedding yesterday. There was allot of laughing with two of my good friends and after one them remarked about that other that “she’s a mean one”, we made the connection that she was “The grinch” - she was even wearing green! We then joked we had seen her movie and she did get it, but she hadn’t seen the movie (the animated one is the best).

After the refreshments were all prepared and the table was set, I went up to the service, likely muting both of my tamas before. It was a usual service spent in the usual manner, meaning my tamas spent most of their time in my bag, getting to see the ceiling during the sermon, and checked a few times. As one woman decided to say “Happy New Year”, that started my mother saying “Happy New Year” and soon everybody else – even though we were not at New Years yet. At home, my tamas attended me for lunch and I think we had some brief anime watching after, but only with Sotilde and Sandy (unfortunately, my tamas paused on Sundays often stay paused for nearly the whole day). I was looking forward to ushering the new year with my tamas but unfortunately – and quite understandably – they winked out before 12.

==Lundi le premier janvier==
[Note: It is a convention in French to say “le premier” (luh pruh-mee-ay) for the first of a month, and it literally means “the first”.]

It was the start of the new year, well for some tamas anyway. I later learned that Sandy was still stuck in December but the date doesn’t matter for me as I don’t keep track by it, nor the time really (Tamagotchis are another kind of watch entirely (^: ). My sparse notes I have conclude this day must have been just relaxing and judging from my internet history, we watched some anime (as is getting usual now). I’ve lost the date but once on this day and once a few days ago, Sandy was with me as my parents and I sat down to play a card game. On the first occasion, near the wood stove, Sandy hung from my zipper pull as we sat around a small table and played a game of Hearts. My mother – who can be a real annoyance in games – was behaved and my father and I had to coax her to play a few more hands as she likes to end the game early. The second time, the same group of us and my brother played 31 at the dining room table, Sandy resuming the same place (as she had undoubtedly done for most of the day). I ultimately went out first and watched the others play. Once again, my mother tried to end the game early but I and my father had to get her to play more.

Sandy likely winked out at 10, as usual.

==Les 2 et 3 janvier==
These were two days quite the same that were marked by my return to the drill of school and thus my geology course. Just so this makes a bit more sense, I do my course by correspondence so most of my time is spent at home, studying. I was probably getting into the daily routine of bringing Sandy down with my other tamas, unclipping her from my lanyard, and clipping her to my zipper pull. There she would hang, following me around for the rest of the day, and laid on the table for meal times to prevent her getting dirty. It was an average day for her.

Generally from a day or two after her adulthood till now, the matchmaker had been consistently coming for her but I read that Sandy would only turn into and oldie when she was 16, so I wanted to keep her till then.
- - - -
Chopping here as it is the most logical division. All will be clear in the next log, which will recap the 4-13, where this log ultimately ends.

So here I am, back after 6 months. The reason I'm back here again is I want to finish what I've started, and also because Sandy is still alive. Yep, I've kept her alive all this time and she's broke the age counter as her age is permanently set at 99 (it's been that way for awhile). At the moment, I've deactivated her - I think I did that a few weeks ago - and she is with my other deactivated tamas in a box, on a shelf, in my room. She's enjoyed much of the same life Sotilde, my long lived oldie, has with usual walks and the march of everyday life. 'Cept I tend to give her much less prominence compared to Sotilde or some of my other tamas, in other words she has been more housebound than the rest. Yet only she is able to be a fitting match for Sotilde being a long living old lady and all - did I ever mention her bun looks so dignified?

I've got allot more time now and the only real reason I was holding back on updating this log - a task that has been for months and months on my to-do list - is because I wanted to get Sotilde's log up to her timeline. The problem with having multiple logs is that they end up sharing the same events and ultimately if I don't update both at the same time, one gets more detail than the other - or rather one gets a proper recap while the other gets a foggy "I can't remember... I think I did this that day...? Oh yeah, I also did this - wait, that happened two days later..." ("memory confusion"). My brain's wired to forget things after I've written out an official account of them - almost like "all you need to remember now is where you wrote it down" - which really makes intertwined logs suffer if there aren't balanced.

So the good news is I will likely get this log updated this week and officially bring the story of Sandy to a close.

I’ve been thinking allot about finishing this and I suppose anyone who sees my past posts might see me truthfully as unaccountable. I said I would post during the tail-end of July, and now it is September. All I can really say about that was I misjudged my circumstances due to my own fault, assuming I had reached up to Sandy’s timeline on Sotilde’s log when really I had was a little more than a month off. If I had been where I thought I was, there would have been no problems and I would have updated when I said I would.

I realize now that Sotilde’s log will be backlogged for ages as I know my current notes will not see daylight for months. Adding to that, I realize that I can solve my problem of non-sequential introductions by simply not writing them. You see, when I do a new activity with a certain Tamagotchi I like to describe it with extra detail to give it context, and such a description wouldn’t make sense occurring in a log where that same activity happened several entries earlier. Since Sotilde’s log has such a long time span, activities are bound to repeat while Sandy’s does not due to the shorter time frame. Additionally, this issue of introductions is just another detail I’ll have to juggle for Sotilde’s log.

Enough yappin’, time for recappin’.

==Jeudi le 4 janvier==
(Note: I nearly thought I got the dates wrong and it was Sunday that was New Years and not Monday, but then it turned out that I was looking at 2016 becoming 2017, instead of 2017 becoming 2018, gaaahh. I forgot this log was actually from this year.)

The only note I have for this day is the word “oldie” and judging by my internet history (which is pretty sparse), I’m assuming the day went something like this... I went through all the customary motions to start the day and Sandy was once again clipped to my zipper pull. She hung for many long hours as I worked devotedly on a late Christmas present, old recordings of my favourite radio program issuing forth from my headphones (This American Life, recommended by Kat of I distinctly remember Sandy getting visited by the matchmaker around 10:30ish, thus confirming to me that I could marry her off later in the day. Later, possibly while Sandy was in my tama stand, I heard the evolution tune and turned to see Sandy evolving into an oldie. Naturally, being nine months ago, I’m not certain about all the details but I’m sure I was upset to some degree. The status I wrote is more telling “Sandy, my Akai in the Christmas Hatch, evolved into an Oldie. I don't have another Akai and you people know how long I can keep and Oldie for (Sotilde's been with me since last year June). I guess I'll eventually take her off the record or make her Sotilde's companion... eheh.

Once again, being nine months ago, I’m not sure what else I did on this day besides give Sandy good care because she obviously couldn’t change anymore and there was no need to neglect her.

Here is one of Sandy’s c-click animations:


Although those specific images were taken at a later date, I’m certain I did test out some of Sandy’s new sprites. I never got her to come up close to the screen, making me think oldies on this version don’t have those animations.
- - - -
Just a short little update for now to break the silence but rest assured that this log is definitely on my top priority to complete ;^)

This log is later than I wanted because last week was quite intensive with Thanksgiving and I slacked off at times. Thankfully after this, only three more days left to recap!

==Vendredi le 5 janvier==
It was an average day for Sandy. We went walking in the evening and it was so cold my nose hairs froze. No doubt if Sandy had been a living creature she would have been eagerly looking for warmth, and I would have wanted to take her home and wrap her in a blanket and put her in front of the fire. Or perhaps if she had a more human personality she would have been begging me in Japanese to go home or may be even threatening to head back to Tamaplanet. In the real world, she was likely bundled up in a glove in my pocket, staying warmer than my nose. Back home we had hot chocolate and played cards but I’m not sure if Sandy got to see any of it for she lit out earlier than expected, reminding me to eventually correct her clock.

==Samedi le 6 janvier==
On this day, I corrected Sandy’s clock, pausing her and then adjusting the time to slightly an hour later. She came along with me for an evening walk and it was dark out due to the sun setting earlier, as was normal for that season. Also because of the season, I was all bundled up which proved convenient for Sandy and company as my coat had an inner pocket, a good fit for the pouch she shared with them. That also meant they would stay as warm as myself. The conversation was rather energetic as it centred around a recent incident at TamaTalk. I’ll tell the whole conversation at length in Sotilde’s log but leave a little summary here.

The specific incident wasn’t so much important as the issue it presented (although matching up dates will reveal it). That issue was the entitlement for posting on online spaces. Naturally, the inclusiveness of TamaTalk was questioned in the discussion, an easy concept to use as a shield. The truth of the matter is no one wants complete inclusiveness, as that would mean abusive people, rule breakers, troublemakers, perverts, the foulmouthed, and spammers would have a right to stay in the community. Also rules would be absolutely impossible because there could not be the absolute penalty of being banned, and thus no problem for not obeying the rules. Therefore, it is perfectly reasonable for TamaTalk to have limited inclusiveness. As for the core matter of entitlement to post on online spaces, TamaTalk is equivalent to a person’s fridge. It’s obscure and if there was any moral obligation to have a platform for people to speak – if such a thing actually exists – it wouldn’t be a Tamagotchi forum.

When I got home, I discovered my tamas were cold, Sandy’s screen was likely fogged up. I speculated that maybe they were too protected from my body heat. Being at home, they definitely warmed up as the cold was all outside and our wood stove was faithfully heating our house.

==Dimanche le 7 janvier==
I remember very little of this day. Sandy likely came with me to church as she had become Sotilde’s old lady companion, since logged tamas are involved in everything. When I got back home, it was probably straight to finishing off the last little details of my belated Christmas present before sending it off, with an apology for being late. Sandy was probably hanging from my zipper pull during the entire process and once I was finished, she likely saw me browse around the ‘net in sweet relief. We probably had our usual routine with a walk, and at the end of the day I turned off her lights and let her sleep peacefully.

==Lundi le 8 janvier==
Judging by my notes for the next log entry, I have good reason to assume this was another average day for Sandy, where nothing too noteworthy happened.

==Mardi le 9 janvier==
Things had settled into the mundane as I didn’t do much besides work at my desk and use the computer. Sandy observed me during all of this, spending her waking hours hanging from my zipper pull (usually being set down on the table for meals). I had been keeping her contented with feedings, snacks, toys, and games. Despite being set 3 hours off, she winked out at 10 unlike Sotilde, who has similar programming and the same offset, who winks out at 11. I usually left Sandy for a bit as she slept before resting her in a stand having my Giga Pet Yoda take her place (they both have clips). Thinking about her future, I wasn’t sure I would make her a long lived oldie because I hadn’t consistently documented her. I preferred she pass on naturally but I was never that neglectful. I speculated on buying another Akai to marry her off or to just leave her as logged data when I took the battery out of her device. In the future of returning to a deactivated Akai, Sandy would probably be discarded with the reset button. The thought displeased me but I was sure if I said my goodbyes and thought fancifully how she would immediately be sent to TamaPlanet, I could live with it.
- - - -

On that note, it is interesting that I am now in the situation to actually fully decide that matter. Suffice to say I would like to have a bit more duplicates in my collection, but at the moment I have become a bit bored with connections. I’ll probably deactivate all of my other connections but Sotilde - heck, even my other long-running tamas – and run my vintages or oddpets. I’m leaning towards resetting Sandy but I doubt I’ll do that for a long time.

It’s finally time to finish this log and, wowza, it’s almost been a year since these events last happened. It’s also been a while since I wrote a proper Tamagotchi log, and thankfully I’m feeling all the more keen on it (renewed motivation!). But before I get to the final details of Sandy’s logged-life, there has been an interesting development in the present: I’ve reactivated her again! Yep, I decided to put her batteries in again maybe a month ago and I didn’t want to reset her just yet. It was a welcoming sight and I’m pretty sure I mentally said something like “Welcome back, Sandy!” So the old ladies have been palling around and they’ve been my only running tamas (except for last Saturday when I started up a mini). That has led me to realize, during a winter walk while they were in my pocket, that this is not the usual Tamagotchi experience. Tamagotchis are characterized by their cycle of growth and birth, while in the case of a long-lived oldie, neither really occurs. I’ll wait till after exams to finally startup a “real” tama. Now onto the final log...

==Mercredi le 10 janvier==

I have no notes from this day and little can be concluded from my internet history. I’m guessing that just like the previous day, this was rather ordinary. Now if I got Sandy to tell me what she thought of this day, that would be rather interesting. Perhaps she did something allot more exciting than I did – well she didn’t have to study – or would have some whimsical commentary on my textbooks. Considering she is as capable as my cat, she would probably just look up at my blankly and engage in a staring contest, meowing upon contact.

==Jeudi le 11 janvier==

The only notable thing that happened on this day was that Sandy made a mess before bed and I quickly adjusted her clock to clean her up and then returned her to slumbering. This is noteworthy also in another category as Sandy had been at death’s door and remarkably this care mistake hadn’t sent her to tama-heaven.

==Vendredi le 12 janvier==

My internet history gives clues that besides all that studying, Sandy’s scenery also contained my eclectic browsing. Perhaps she recognized all the tama stuff, her cousins and so forth. Around 3 I was searching for a website that had the episodes for Onegai My Melody, an anime I had stumbled across that revolved around the Sanrio character My Melody, and had an interesting contrast of human characters interacting with toy-like ones (such characters are common in magical girl anime but this particular case seemed different). Well, Sandy saw me learning a very important lesson to never turn off Adblocker to watch a video, ever. Never have I closed a tab so fast (those weren’t the “gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian single ladies” I wanted to meet). I did eventually find the anime I wanted on Youtube of all places and Sandy and the rest of the brood watched it with me together. Surprisingly, it was actually pretty good and not the babyish show I was expecting. The rest of the day was probably the same old thing for Sandy till she traveled away in the carriage of dreams.

==Samedi le 13 janvier==

In the morning, I took allot of pictures of Sandy and had to ditch a few because my camera blurred the pixels or was unfocused. I took pictures of Sandy’s Christmas animation (she’s days off), eating an umeboshi (Japanese pickled plum), c-click animation (she’s spinning in the second one), and playing with her toys.


I put her in a race and expected her to steal first place, as I always do.


I took a picture of her stat screen too so you can all see what her name actually is.


I also got to fulfill one of the goals of this hatch which was to take pictures of our tamas around Christmas-y things:


The room I use for my downstairs desk is actually a storage room of sorts, thus this particular decoration was actually on a shelf right behind me (and still is as I write this). One could say Sandy spent most of her life in a kitchen as that room was originally the kitchen of a basement apartment, but that’s easy to overlook with a desk smack-dab in the middle of it.

I wrote a little conclusion in my log book for this entry, preserving the sentiments I had at the time:

Well, my activity was all in a lump [(inconsistent)] and I wonder if this was a bad time for me to hatch. But, I always intend to finish the logs I start. Sandy will now be taken off record because I don’t want to log her anymore. She’ll still be kept alive but unless I get another Akai – highly unlikely – she will lay dormant as stored data till I activate her device again.

- - -

That is the end of my log entries on Sandy. Now I’ve already mentioned that I have reactivated Sandy, which begs the question “What now?” She’s already surpassed the age of 99, a feat that has happened a long time ago. Of course, back when her age counter stopped, it was doubtful that count was accurate as I fiddled with her time quite allot and was content leaving her in limbo. But after all that time, I’m sure she has indeed lived for 100 days. When I turned her back on, I was happy to see her again. She is beside me now as I write this. “What now?” She wont be living forever. I never intended Sandy to become a long-lived oldie and without that intent of perseverance and my lack of careful documentation, I can’t make her one anyway. And, as I said, “I don’t want to log her anymore”.

That’s a stinging statement and, complementing it, I’m sure I’ve implied that Sandy wasn’t so special to me. But I wouldn’t say she meant nothing. She was a part of that time from last December to the start of the New Year and she still reminds me of those times. She gave me a scare when the god of death came to take her soul away and also made me marvel when I called one of her ancestors to defeat it. She reminds me of my shopping ventures with her and Yoda and Sotilde in that messy Walmart. She reminds me of the cold and slushy snow of that winter where the sky was a crisp blue. She reminds me of those times I would look over and see her, still there and still living. But she wont be living forever by my choice. A day will come when I say goodbye to her and send her to Tama Planet with the beep of the reset button.

For now, she’s still alive and will be enjoying those mundane and wintry days that make up the remainder of the year 2018. And that sentence marks the end of this log, a log that took way to long to finish but finally, it is.

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