Cleaning aquapet dome


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   My aquapet is a yellow alien kind with a blue base. it still works fine but was losing liquid and the inside of the dome was turning yellow. I used the tip of a razor blade- the kind you put in box cutters, usually associated with cocaine, with a single sharp side- at the top of the dome and rotated the toy as it started to dig into it. Then I used a straight pin to get through the rest of the way without making too big of a hole. To get the water out I am using a syringe to force air into the dome while it is upside down and it seem to work well, the water coming out as the air goes in. Not sure how I'm going to clean the inside of the dome, though. I can get a flat, one-sided toothpick in there and it does scrape some of the yellow crud off the inside but this is simply not an option to clean the entire inside of the dome unless I were like the Count of Monte Cristo with an unlimited supply of flat toothpicks. A tiny wire brush would be ideal, like a tiny mascara wand, but I don't think they make them. I have this same problem with my fish tank filter- there are just places I can not get to. What I need are tiny wire brushes but I don't know where to get them. My daughter has some for her clarinet but those come in a kit and are of a particular size. I can't use hers, obviously, as they are covered in clarinet-y-ness (id est, spit). I already tried using the syringe to spray the walls clean and it didn't work. I don't want to use bleach because I don't want to mess up the electronics or have it eat away at the nylon cords holding him in place. So how do I clean the inside of this aquapet's dome through the pinhole?