Deciding which tamagotchi to get….(i’ve ‘narrowed it down’ to two)


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Jul 17, 2022
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Hello everyone!

So, I recently posted a thread asking everyone which tamagotchi I should get next. I have decided on two that I really like, however, my budget only covers 1 of these tamagotchis but I am having trouble picking one since I like both so much! I’m asking everyone which one you prefer!

Tamagotchi Smart or Tamagotchi On?

Thank youuuuu! :chohimetchi:
Smart! It's more compact(not stuck on the bulky band) you can add more content with the smacards, and last I looked, CHEAPER!
But if it being in Japanese and potentially needing to use Google translate's camera feature to understand the text is an issue, go with the On.
I recently got the Smart and it feels... limited. Coming from the Pix which has so much more to do and see. I heard the On has a lot to do as well so it might be the better choice? Let someone who has played both help though. Does anyone know if the On is comparable to the Pix with the amount of content it offers?

There's a LOT of Japanese in the Smart. You can fiddle your way around with it and probably it won't be so bad once you learn your way around the menus. But many menus are just text so it will take a bit of memorization. And then the characters talk a lot, so you'll miss out on what they're saying if you don't understand Japanese.

The On is hard to come by now, so the Smart will be cheaper, that's definitely true.
Hmmm interesting perspectives from both of you. I as well have the pix and I wouldn’t want the smart to seem limited compared to it. However, something is still drawing me to the smart…(idk what, maybe it’s the watch idea or the touch screen, dunno). I’m worried that the On is too similar to the pix. I know people say they are TOTALLY different but I’ve seen some people on YouTube doing unboxing and reviews and I noticed some similarities but maybe all tamagotchi have similarities so idk! But then the breeding factor in the On is so intriguing! THIS IS SO HARD!
I’ll wait for more comments until I make my choice, lol:mametchi:
I haven’t played either (yet! Just got a Smart myself) so given that angle, here are some key points for each. Others, feel free to add on anything I’ve missed.

- Might be cheaper to get one now rather than later, as they’re an older model and may increase in value
- In English!
- More interesting breeding
- Buttons rather than touchscreen if you prefer those

- Chargeable!
- Does not rely on an external app for extra content (which On does, and it’s closing end of this month)
- Wearable and you can switch straps
- Have to buy additional character content BUT that also makes it highly customisable and not restricted to the model you choose

(On a side note I really want an On! But they didn’t release in Europe :-()
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Don't get me wrong, the Smart isn't bad at all. But I keep comparing it to the Pix and wishing there was more. But it's still very fun.

If you're worried about similarities, I'd say all Tamas are quite similar.

It's cheaper and you're 'feeling' it so the Smart might be the way to go :)
I’m worried that the On is too similar to the pix.
The Pix and On are different. Don’t worry about them being similar.

The problem lies in unlocking all the areas with only 1 On. Will you have access to Magic Hut or access to more devices? If no, then you will need a total of 3 On for yourself.

I have all the English release On (fairy, magic, garden) and like them all a lot. It was fun to unlock all the areas and go on the app for easy marriage. The app will be gone soon though. After several generations I did put them away to play through some other devices, but I definitely feel a draw to play the On again eventually.

I do not have a Smart to give my opinion between the two. I have watched videos, and I chose not get one due to the language barrier. Also the Tamasma cards will add to your cost if you want more.

Let us know which one you choose!

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