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Dimetri Rose

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Sep 30, 2022
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Hello, I didn't see anything posted here about these little guys, so I decided to make a post containing some helpful links.

For the full manual you can go here:
For a full chart that shows you how to raise what you want, you can do that here:
To tell which Version you have (which are by color), you can go here:
The main Home page for that site is here:
On the home page, you will see they have information for the original Digimon from the 90s, the Pendulums, and the Digimon X's

I hope this is informative and helpful. If you have any questions, that site does not answer for you - just PM me with your question and I will help to the best of my ability.

There are some tips I have posted in my Digimon Group hatching that you can find here as well:
I went over several things in that hatching that those previous sites are vague with.
I've been playing with a 20th, X1 and X2 and loving them so far.
At first I was looking for a Digivice D3 toy that was released back in the 2000s because I had one as a kid but at that time I couldn't read english and had no idea you had to shake it to play with it.
I lost it after moving from apartment to apartment multiple times and recently my nostalgia attacked and started looking for one again only to find out their prices skyrocketed to dumb levels. During that time I also found out about the normal Digimon VPet, the bricks and also knew about Bandai officially selling them on Amazon so I got a 20th and X1 at first and then a X2 a couple of weeks later and loved them a lot.
While doing my homework I also discovered the Digivices actually have LESS content and things to do compared to the bricks which makes the price rising problem weirder.
I'm still looking for a D3 but I'm not willing to pay the ridiculous prices people are asking for them.

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