Do you remember your first tama?


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oh ya! i remember in 3rd grade, EVERYONE had a tama. i felt SO left out because all my friends played with one and connected. pretty soon i didnt have fun anymore bc thats all my friends played. i begged my parents for one, but every time their like, no no its a waste of money. so FINALLY one day we were at target and i begged them for one, pleading all my reasons, until they finally said ok. so the salesgirl brought out a bunch, and i guess it was love at first site. i picked a light pink with silver and darker pink bows and random slashes of ribbons. i have loved it to tatters, and i still have it. its not powered up right now, my v4.5 is, but it will always be really special. :huh:

Oh I remember my first one soooo well.

I got it for Christmas in 200.....and.....uh.....Man! When was it?

It was a Light Blue V2 and I wouldn't put it down. I loved it so much.

I can't use it anymore because the buttons don't work but I love it so much and hope I might be able to fix the buttons.

i was in 3rd grade when tamagotchi first came out. and everyone had one but me. they were cleared out of the stores. my parents and i couldn't find any real tamagotchi anywhere, so i was stuck with the knock-offs.

my first real tamagotchi was added to my digital pet collection when i was a sophomore in high school.

it was a purple v1 that i bought at walgreens. i loved it and still play with it.

now i have a huge collection of all sorts of tamas! :angry:

Ah, my first v4. I didn't really want it. I had actually wanted one, just not that bad. That tamagotchi has always been special to me. It has no battery but it will always have a place in my heart. Since then I have got a whole lot of insignificent ones. (v5 is still treasuerd)

when i was in 4th grade i think, 2 of my friends had tamas. they were V2 cennections. me and a couple other people saw them connecting and that started the tama craze at my school. now no one plays with them any more. but im getting a musc star for christmas :furawatchi:

I got my first v2 tama when I was six or five years old .

I still remember when it came in a brown envelope , I started dancing , I was so happy :furawatchi: . Her name was SP (short for Sonia something ) .

I got my first tama in 2004, when I was 11. At school, a few people had tamagotchi connexions and I thought they looked pretty cute. So in the school holidays, while I was staying over at my Grandma's place, we went shopping and I bought one. It was a pink tama connexion. I named it Bob. :3

i was in camp (almost in 4th grade) and evry1 had 1 soo i got 1 with my allowence $. then later on in 4th i got a v2. it was SOOO fun.. im 13 n i still play with i still have the v2, but idk were my v1 went, i lost it a wile ago. but the last tama i got was a v4.5.

heres my tamas:

V1: :angry:

V2: :huh:

my fave is the v2 and the v4.5.

heres my v4.5:

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my actual first was a yellow and red rays of shine v4

i loved it so much i went on ebay and bought some of almost every version

my first adult charrie was androtchi

and i remember with the baby it got sivka and i didnt no what i con to use so i tryed all of them and i was so freaked out but then i got to the right one and i never forgot cuz i always tot it was gonna die

my first tamagotchi was a v3 that was pink with the ribbons on it.

i was OBSESSED with that thing! but on the way to school on the bus one day, my friend was looking at it, and we went over a bump and she dropped it, and someone took it :lol:

i was so sad. that was like 4 years ago tho ;D

I was 9 years old when I got my first V2 for Christmas. I named my first ever baby Harry, and I loved him like I loved nothing else. He grew Petitchi --> Hitodetchi --> Young Mametchi --> Hanatchi. I almost died when the matchmaker first showed up, and you can imagine how sad I was when he left his baby girl, Emily. But I was pleased to have his baby, and that's the way it's been since then.

I got my first tamagotchi back in 1997, my cousin gave it to me because she got bored of it. Ever since then I fell in LOVE with them, I have so many versions of them now!

I remember my first Tama, it was a P1 with an orange shell. Although it got lost when I moved away for college, I'd do almost anything to get another one. I also have fond memories of my purple and white japanese Devilgotchi. Man what I wouldn't give to get those back. :D

In 2004 when I was in 3rd grade, my mom and I were at Toys R Us. When I was in the Tamagotchi lane (I didnt know that that was in the Tamagotchi lane) I saw a v3 Tamagotchi which was Yellow Star (I saw a home video and I saw my Tamagotchi). I had always reset my Tamagotchi because I didnt like the character (I didnt know he character) and when I was in generation 2 I would always reset it for no reason then I would be impatent for my Tamagotchi to grow. My highest generation in the v3 was of course generation 2, butmy highest generation overall is generation 13.

Green Tamagotchi from 1997. Just uncovered it from storage and still works like a champ.

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