Do you remember your first tama?


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Yellow w/ orange buttons P1 that my grandma bought when they originally came out in America. I never really played it though, I did pull the tab once but got so overwhelmed by the baby stage that I paused it and promptly forgot abt it until the batteries died... (newspaper smack) bad Junkfood! I later got a Music Star that I deeply cherished, lost for a couple years, then found again. I think both of these are in storage. Also had a Tama-Go at one point but have literally no clue where it is....thats all the tamas Ive ever had
I do! I went by my cousins for christmas and they got me a v1. I had no idea what it was. I thought its poop was the little hershey's kisses. Every time it turned into an adult I'd reset it. One day the matchmaker came and I got all excited and realized I didn't need to reset it. Yeah....

So, what about you guys?
My first tamagotchi didn't go so well..

I got him for Easter. I named him Henry, and the only thing I new about it is that it dies.
I was on the phone with my friend and he didn't know how to play with it so he said to starve it.
I had to read the instructions. After an hour, I loved it. I ALWAYS had it in my hand. But I fed it too much snacks and disciplined him at a bunch of wrong times.
On day three, he began to make the death sound. I started crying and screaming that he is dying.
Yeah.. 🥲
I remember my first Tamagotchi so well. It was like the one in the attached photo.
I got this when I was about 10 years old around 1996/7 and was absolutely distraught when I lost it. Still have no idea where it went but suspect it flew off my bike at some point whilst I was cycling wildly round the estate I grew up on :ROFLMAO:
If I ever got the chance to purchase this shell again, I definitely would!


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I am literally currently running my first Tama! A v3 I got when I was 6 and I still remember being in Toys R Us with my Mum and struggling to choose a shell (I was between the union jack and the pink hearts. My socialist adult self is glad I went with the pink hearts)
That's the exact same shell that my first one was, too! :biggrin: It's such an iconic design, to me.
That's amazing!
You're right, every time I see a photo of that shell it takes me right back to that time. How exciting it was to have a tamagotchi for the first time!

I am literally currently running my first Tama! A v3 I got when I was 6 and I still remember being in Toys R Us with my Mum and struggling to choose a shell (I was between the union jack and the pink hearts. My socialist adult self is glad I went with the pink hearts)
It was always so exciting to see the different shells in toys r us.
The v3 is a great tama :)
I'm a lot younger (and live in New Zealand), so mine might seem a bit weird to some of the people here haha, but my first tama was the Tamatown Tama-go! -Looking at the time it came out, I must've been about 6 at the time? But I can remember it very well :eek:)

I live in a very small town in New Zealand, and they were at the time available for sale in NZ, but not my town (my town consists of a lot of smaller stores, rather than chains, so this is pretty standard here haha); My best friend Hayley and I went for a trip out of town (I believe for her birthday) and her Mum bought a Tamagotchi EACH for the two of us. - I believe mine had Mametchi (though it could've been Kuchipatchi) on the top, and it had a green shell.
- It was from the Warehouse (a Walmart-like store in my country), and I believe we might've been in either Hamilton or Te Kuiti?

My memory's a bit confused as I was quite young - but I either ended up with 2 Tama-gos, or, what I think it might've been, a Tama-go and an additional figure. I specifically remember having a Mametchi and a Kuchipatchi figure, though, and I think my friend Hayley getting an extra figure that was Memetchi or Violetchi/Flowertchi (she preferred the girl characters I believe, while Mametchi was my favourite).
I loved the little characters at the top, the Tamagotchi itself is great, but I feel like having a physical toy/figure of the character really added to the experience for me (although I was initially a little confused, as I thought that the figure would mean my getting that character straight away in the game).

My Tama-go was, and still is, one of my most treasured possessions,
but when I was about 14-15 I think I may've left it at the house of someone I'm not longer in contact with, it may now be lost.

I'm not sure if I have any photos of my Tama-go, but below is a picture I found online that looks just like the one I had!

side note: I also remember me and the same friend watching Tamagotchi: The Movie after one of us found it at our local video store. - I really loved it, and could remember it pretty well before re-watching it haha so it must've stuck.


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My first tama was a v4, thinking i got a v3 but one of my childhood friends pointed out the new antenna 😅, it was white/green and glows in the dark. I had alot fun playing with it probably highest gen i got was gen14 until sadly i lost it years back at my babysitters house 😭 but its all good got myself another v4 two years ago hoping to play it soons.
My first tamagotchi was a Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town digital friend. It was the polka dot shell that I bought at a local hot topic with my friends. I wish I knew what I did with it, I can’t remember if I got rid of it or not before moving out of my parents’ house.
Yes!!!!! I got my first tama on Christmas day! It is the same color as the blue one on my avatar. But I only had it for about a month before I lost it at a BIG Ikea. Then after that my mom and dad got me a new one and at some point I thought it broke. So then my mom got me the pink one on my avatar. But after a wile I found out is is not broken. Now I just have the two.
I fortunately found my first tama! It was a v4 I got from a girl I met at the state fair I was at for the stockshow, back in like...2007? I think? I saw her with a lanyard with about four of them on it, and I had no clue what they were so I walked up and asked, and she gave my the v4! I'm pretty lucky to still have it to this day. Paint is a lil worn out, but, no matter 😊
I got my first one in 96 or 97, for a December holiday gift. All the boys (including me) got Tamagotchi Digimon V1s, and all the girls got Tamagotchi P1s. Mine was brown with black trim. I still have it, in its original box, and was planning on playing it after the one I activated had died. But those plans are now a wash, since Google taught me a few days ago, that they still make the Digimon ones to this day, and they are up to version 20. So I bought a handful of those for my next run.
The first Tamagotchi I played with was my friend's green and white P1. I was utterly fascinated with it, though when he let me borrow it, I ended up forgetting about it and getting a bad care character.

I was able to get one of my own a bit later at the end of 6th grade. There was an auction of stuff the class had donated that we could bid on with tickets we'd earned throughout the year. I spotted a blue, black, and yellow P2 in the pile and knew I had to get it. Kept from bidding on anything so I could outbid everyone, and I succeeded!

I was surprised when it wasn't the same characters as my friend's Tamagotchi, but I actually loved the P2 roster better. Ended up breaking it by taking out the screen to use on my broken Original Digimon in an attempt to make it usable again with only minimal success. In my defense, I was like 11-12. Lol
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