Do you remember your first tama?


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I definitely remember my first tama!
I am in my thirties right now..and got my first tama when i was just about 5 or so..maybe younger.
I am pretty sure that it wasn't actually a legit Tamagotchi haha i think it was a knock off but regardless i fell in love!
It was a little white one looking like a cracked egg and the tama on it was a little dinosaur. i actually managed to grow and treat him pretty well..until one day it started glitching, i believe it's software got corrupted was very very sad for me. but i did keep it in the hopes that my dad could fix it someday...and when i was about 25 my father has passed away and i got rid of it since it made me too sad.
regardless! I had some great childhood memories playing with it. and I do have 2 legit tamas right now
My first tamagotchi was a Connection V2, specifically the tropical pink w/ flowers one!! I loved it a lot but I was dumb so when it ran out of battery I ended up throwing it into the trash.... I bitterly regret that now, and didn't do it after that thankfully, but I've since bought a new one so I'm happy to say I have my original tama back again!!

(Not my photo, but it was this shell style/color!)
I wanted one so badly as a kid! But my mom must have heard the horror stories from other parents. I ended up buying a digimon vpet as an adult, after feeling disillusioned with Neopets and its direction. I had some fun with it for a time, got a couple more of those, but they didn't ever scratch the itch quite as long as I wanted. I picked up a Hello Kitty nano, it was cute and felt better, but not quite there- then spurged and got an ON, which absolutely hooked me for months!
My first one is a V2 with a pink shell and lipstick on it. I think I got it when I was 8 so it must have been around 2004. I'm pretty sure when I was a teenager I tried to "decorate it" by painting the shell with nail polish. I really regret any of the tamas I did it to, since I'm quite nostalgic for all of the shells. :-(
Yes, i do! It was a pink tamagotchi connection. It was given to me by a cousin older than me and I still remember her trying to teach me how to feed and care for it in my auntie's home. Such nice memory. However I was really upset because I wanted to find someone that I could use the connection feature and I never did! I tried to buy it again but I could find anything, just a pic on Google images
I do! I went by my cousins for christmas and they got me a v1. I had no idea what it was. I thought its poop was the little hershey's kisses. Every time it turned into an adult I'd reset it. One day the matchmaker came and I got all excited and realized I didn't need to reset it. Yeah....

So, what about you guys?
The first tamagotchi I got was this year. It is a gen 2 tamagotchi. I also had another tamagotchi, but I soon discovered it was one of those fake ones that were really cheap. When I got my first real one, i surprisingly got onto the hangof it really easily.

P.S, I learned how to use it by myself cause no one in my family had a tama before :tarakotchi:
Not really no. But there was a big hype around 2000. I bought a Pikachu pedometer thing and digimon fighting thing also, but all long lost.
My first was either a V3 or V4 Connection with a blue shell design, I don't remember the exact one. (Maybe the Blue Waves V3?) I don't remember playing with it much as a kid, I think I was mostly drawn in by the commercials for it and didn't really understand that you were supposed to actually take care of the thing.

The next one I got was the rerelease P2 in Tama Universe back in June, and I haven't looked back since.
My first was a Mini back in 2017 (i think?), I got it because a lot of my friends had them and i wanted one really bad
Ended up throwing it away after the batteries died bc i was kinda stupid lolol (still very sad about that tho)
i remember mine was a mini, too! i remember i already liked tamagotchi before that since i had found the tamagotchi friends website and watched some of the english dubbed anime, and i found it at a toys r us on my birthday! it was like fate..
I definitely had a first generation Tama in white. And a green egg, which later became a victim of the washing machine. However, I can only really remember the Pokémon step system and the Digivices from Digimon. I had the D3 and the Tamers, both of which I loved. I also had the original Digivice, which looks like a brick. Today, at 36, I'm flirting with a Vital Band because I find the Dimcards exciting. Apart from that, I haven't owned a Tamas for decades.

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