Do you think people should cut/"kill" trees?


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Mar 24, 2007
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I think they should.


1. Buy cutting up trees, we get paper, wood, houses, ect.

2. It's not like they cut random trees. It's sorta like a tree farm. They cut one down, then grow another.

3. Wood keeps us warms and prevents us from freezing

4. What would we write on?! Stone?

Thank you. Please post your answer and why. <_<


But we should atleast try to not cut down so many.

Cause if we do there will be none left! =O

Yeah, but no.

Sometimes I truly wish that people could get the technology to make paper out of other man-made things. Teh trees deserve to live D:<

I think people should plant a tree for every one they cut down.

I guess so. I mean, some people are vegetarians, but they do eat the plants. It's mainly the concern of animals. We might not need trees because of our luxury, but they are a big part of the environment...

I don't think I can post this without offending someone, so please don't take it as an offending comment.


Well, they may have to 'kill' some trees, because otherwise you can't have paper, cardboard, ect, but you can't over-do it because that's killing the environment.

Only if the people who cut them down replant them/or try their best to replant most of them.

That way we can have our paper and stuff without killing as many trees :wacko:

Yes. I need my paper plates. <33

EDIT;; And the wrappery stuff around crayons that tell you what colour they are.

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Yes, trees don't have feelings, they are inanimate objects. We need things from them.


As long as we can breathe, cut them down.

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