Easter 2016 Group Hatch Log


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Feb 24, 2016
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Welcome to the Easter 2016 Group Hatch Log!!! :wub:

So far, in this group hatch, I have:

Me: Music Star

tamaninjacat: Music Star or v4

ksh12july34: v1

Hapihapitchi: ID or P's or both

Late hatchers are always welcome!!! :newmametchi:

REMEMBER, Logging is NOT required

(I will definitely log though :p ) :D

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Okay, So I just turned on my music star, and it hatched into a boy! I named him Ryan, fed him, and I haven't had time to do anything else, since I literally just hatched him. Maybe I will log more later today.

His stats are:

0 years

5 pounds



stress: 00

tone: 0

rhythm: 0


genre: classical

3000 points

EDIT: Ryan evolved into Kuchitamatchi, and his genre changed to Hip-Hop. I'm aiming for either Mametchi or Kuchipatchi as an adult.

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Hello everybody and happy Easter! :D I haven't really used my Music Star or V4 in a while so neither one of them left me a baby. -_- So I turned them off and started up my V3! I downloaded the character and was greeted by a baby girl named Raven (I turned off my V3 right after the parent left). She's not doing much now (she just got sick) but I will edit this post when she evolves (or I'll be too busy and will update tomorrow... :rolleyes: ).

Current Status:

Hunger: 2/4

Happy: 4/4

Training: 0

Weight: 7lb

Age: 0yr

EDIT: I had time. Raven evolved into a Mizutamatchi!

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Good Morning Everyone!! Not much has changed with Ryan today, he's just been practicing and playing with his toy to keep his stress down. So far I am really loving the Music Star. It might even be becoming my favorite Tama!!

Ryan's current stats are:

0 years

15 lbs







Genre: Hip-Hop

3000 points

Hey everybody, sorry I'm a bit late... anyways I probably shouldn't even be doing this since I'm not really "hatching" anything because I'm just continuing my past generation and my tamas will be paused half the day but... I've never been in a hatch before so yeah.

Anyways, thank goodness we don't have to log! I will update as much as possible, but I won't give all the stats, just the important stuff.

So, I'm running my iD and my P's. I was planning on only doing one, but the 4th patch for the P's was recently released and, well, I just love my iD. So I'm running both, which may not be the best idea I've had.


My Gozarutchi has TA MO and TO. I just need him unpaused long enough to get MO. He's doing great and apparently really likes McDonalds.


Mogumogutchi is a cute character, really. He has little cheeks that puff out like a squirrel, and he looks really adorable in his chef hat. He, like Gozarutchi, has 3/4 puzzle pieces.

This is probably really boring, especially since they don't have names. Maybe I'll give them names next gen. :>

So, today is the first time I have been back here since last summer-ish, but I just so happened to reset and start my patched P's on Easter.
I am amused by the coincidence.

I'm so sorry I haven't been posting! I actually haven't been paying much attention to Raven so she's been on pause for some time. There is, however, something that happened. Raven evolved into Hinotamatchi (the one who looks like a fireball). Otherwise, not much else has happened but now that it's the weekend I will have more time to take care of Raven.

Current Status:

Hunger: 4/4

Happy: 3/4

Training: 1

Weight: 25lb

Age: 1yr

Hello again!


Finally! He earned Mo! Now to marry him off...


Same with my P's but I've already married Mogu off. Now I have a baby Aokumotchi!

They won't be paused anymore since it's officially spring break (YAY!).

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