Egg going really fast - Refurbishing - Connection v3


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Aug 21, 2023
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Hello, I have a tama connection v3 and am trying to fix it. First it was having issues staying on, so I went ahead and moved the board from a different one to this shell (not sure if really relevant). I also replaced the paper backing from the screen so the working board is in the prettier shell, with the correct screen backing. I try to put in a battery to start it up and the egg animation is going at like double the speed. If I press the middle button, it freezes, but I can reset and then use the left button to add a date and time and all that and it will hatch, all buttons work normally once in the start up settings. Once hatched, it works normally, with normal speed.

I have done the following on the working board with the egg problem:
  • Replaced the battery, tried two brand new ones
  • cleaned the reset button, buttons, board with rubbing alcohol and allowed to dry
  • ensured there is nothing on the board in terms of debris causing any buttons to be registered
  • reset tama
  • attempted to trigger the debug option (not sure what this would do, so unsure if it did anything)
As of right now, the speaker is not soldered to the board, perhaps that could be an issue. I am hesitant to do the soldering in case I have to open back up for further troubleshooting.

Pls help!

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