end of school year group hatch


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Nov 17, 2013
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if you think if there im probaly there.
Hi everyone. On tuesday of next weekthe 27, lets start thing, with 5 weeks of school left, when we get back to school lets start this.


Have any tamagotchi

be a thing that can log about it

thats it. Just have the time to log and take care of it. You dont have to post everyday, but that would be nice. Well just post in the comments if you wanna join.

if you have any qeustions or anything at all just ask in comments below.

I'll join! I'm waiting on an iD from Japan any day now, so I will be wanting to hatch it anyway. If it doesn't come by Tuesday, I'll just hatch something else instead.

too late to join? i actually have a parent that just left his son on my v2, i thought today was the 26th

I have unpuased hayjina for those who read my log or have spoke to me. She woke up one day to find her parents gone and on her own. And now im planning to maybe start up my idl or whatever. I will get pictures in, once i get on my computer.

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