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Jun 20, 2017
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It was twenty something years ago, I was a ten years old shy nerd with no close friends, when the tamagotchis and virtual pets were all the rage, and my very first one was...a fake gyaoppi clone named 'smart 24in1 baby&pets' which can be shown in this video:

It was everything to me, and I had no info or experience with other tamagotchis, it was simply the best thing in my life. I carried everywhere, even to school when it was banned, despite me being a A+ grader teacher's pet kind of a kid. Of all 24 pets, I liked the duck and the octopus the best. The duck was special because it had a semi-antromorphistic adult form wearing a pant. And octopus was, well, it is kind of a cool pet really, everyone can have a dog or cat or bird but how cool it is to raise an octopus?! They are very smart animals and are just so different and alien looking yet can be cute too.
Octopus and Duck in the selection screen. Taken from that youtube channel I linked to.

Anyways, I played my virtual pet for years and had so much fun and memories with it as I grew up.. and then college came and I left it at home...with batteries in it! When I was 18 years old and came back to it the batteries had leaked and ruined it...my childhood was gone, literally...
Now after so many years, I missed that part of my childhood, and even though I got an original p1 tamagotchi it just was not the same...I looked around the internet for that wonderful toy of mine, 'smart 24in1 baby&pets' but I was not able to find a legitimate seller, sadly.

Out of desperation I fell into the traps of fake tamagotchis, and bought lots of the dreaded fake 'bunny rom' which was such a huge dissapointment, the less said about that the better.

However, one fake tamagotchi I ordered from aliexpress was not the bunny room. It is a house-shaped virtual pet and it has a giraffe in the beginning of the pet selection, instead of the dread bunny. It is a 49 in 1 fake gyaoppi clone, worlds apart from the bunny rom, and is actually fairly decent...but it has its own quirks which I discovered.

And it had a lot of the very same characters from my beloved 24in1 !!! Most of them were here, cat, dog, fish, crab, butterfly, bugs, alien, chicken, frog, penguin, etc. Sadly, my funny crazy duck was not here, but the octopus was here!!! That was my lost childhood! I chose the octopus and was greeted by the happy house birthing screen I knew so well from the 24in1 one. Soon my little octopus was born and it had the exact same sprite it had in 24in1!

It was like I found a piece of my lost childhood in this new fake of an old fake gyaoppi clone!

As I played around it, to my amasement it was very nearly identical to my beloved 24in1 pet, the menus, food selection was the same. However, this one has a few quirks I had to discover with the help of this youtube video:

Here is my experience with it and the little quirks I found out:

Feeding : It is exactly the same as it was in 24in1, you choose from 4 main meals and 3 snacks and water. The meals are cake (or rice?) (pictured below), a slice of sweet cake, fish and hamburger. These all fill up one bar of the hunger gauge. Snacks are lollypop, ice cream sundea and apple. These don't do anything but makes the virtual pet show happy animation when fed for the first time. By the way, when the happy animation shows up (feeding, playing, cleaning poop, etc.) it shows a blob like a baby tamagotchi, not the actual pet. The 24in1 used to show the adult form the pet selected for these animations, which is a bummer, but it is not a big deal. The pet gets hungry frequently, like in 3-4 hours or so and each feeding adds him more weight.


The games are exactly the same as in 24in1, there is a catching game where you need to move a hat to dropping eggs to catch them before they hit the ground, or a football game in which how fast/slow you press buttons determine your kick and if it is a goal or not (or it may be random) these games are like %99 percent the same with 24in1, only with very small differences (football game in the original 24in1 had a few extra steps) Winning games fill up heart gauge (hapiness)


When the pet poops, you use the clean up function as usual, sadly this just shows a generic toilet flushing scene, not the hillarious poop-truck animation from 24in1 (which it copied from gyaoppi dinasour and 9in1, I think.)
When the pet gets sick you give injection. My octopus got sick once, and giving this injection cured it, and increased a red cross (heath?) gauge one bar. Though later it dissappeared.

There is education option, that was used to punish the pet when it misbehaved back in 24in1, when it called out for no reason. It filled up the pencil gauge. However, this does not seem to be the case in this clone, it never misbehaves, but I discovered you can use the education icon when the pet matures.

And yes, this fake pet has evolution stages! Back in 24in1, all pets had pre-determined evolutions, 0 years old baby, child form at 1 year, teen at 2-3 years old, adult form (which was in the selection and happy-angry animations) for 4-5 years old and a mature form for 6 years and up...it never changed its form based on the care, like real gyaoppi pets did but I loved it regardless.

Sadly, this fake clone has very limited growth stages compared to 24in1. My little octopus kept its baby look up into 9 years old, I guessed it would never change. But when it reached 10 years old, voila!!! It became the adult octopus/squid look shown in the pet selection!

Here is my 10 years old octopus, it crosses its eyes and curls its tentacles as it traverses across the lcd screen. I was so happy to see this form! I wonder if it will evolve further to the old stage at age 20? Or is this it for this pet? In 24in1 it evolved once more into a bigger octopus with big head and very long tentacles.

Now, here are some of the quirks of this pet:

-When newly born, the pet is in 'baby' mode and is very difficult to take care for abour 12 hours. In this period, it gets hungry slightly quicker, and it refuses to play games. It falls asleep randomly and you need to turn off its light. It wakes up randomly. After sleeping/waking for a few times, if it survives (you take care of its needs and does not let it get sick/die) it becomes much more managable. It ages 4 years in one night and although its sprite does not change, I guess it becomes 'child' form and you can play the games with it to make it happy.

-In 24in1, I could use the lights off function to put the pet to sleep and wake it up any time I want, with no consequences. It had a sleep bar and if it got too empty it had to sleep before doing much. In this clone, it is totally different!

Well, the first 12-24 hours all bets are off, it is a baby and it will doze off and sleep and wake up hungry at its own randomyl. After that, it becomes very manageable, the pet goes to sleep at 9pm sharp. What I found is I could set the clock to put it to bed whenever I wanted. Pressing decide button brings up the clock, and pusing select and cancel buttons together puts it into set mode. If I set the clock to 8.59 pm I can put it to bed one minute later when it calls for sleep when its clock hits 9.00 pm. I learned this trick from the youtube video above and it made everything so convenient!
The sleeping when lights are off animation is very lovely, the exact same from the 24in1 I remember from my childhood. Seeing this screen made me so happy. It just has a soothing effect on my soul, for some reason. The z gets bigger and slower and the moon inhales and exhales as if in sleep. So calming.
I was able to wake my pet with selecting lights on/off option in the morning, it never woke up on its own after its baby stage. (Though it got hungrier while asleep!) Again, very convenient.

-Its hapiness stayed full during 4-10 years old, after I played the games and won, I never needed to play games again...but I played anyway they are very fun little games IMHO, far better than the tomagotchi's luck-based ones. However, when my octopus hit 10 years old his heart gauge became empty and I had to play/win games when he woke up in adult form to fill it up again. I guess growing to adult stage makes it less happy, and you need to give him extra love and attention to make it comfortable in its new skin?

-I chose education, even though it never misbehaved, and in adult form (10 years old) it worked. A teacher sprite showed something on black board, and my pet's pencil gauge filled up one bar. I think education is only possible after it evolves once, into adult form in 10 years old.

This fake virtual pet brought me a part of my missing childhood, and I think it is a very adorable and fun pet. Very very similiar to 24in1 baby&pets, though it has its own quirks and differences which I wrote about above. I would like to continue playing with my pal octopus and see if it evolves again at 20 years old...or dies of old age...I dont know. I guess I will find out. I can recommend this virtual pet, though it is very hard to find thanks to prevelance of bunny rom. This is 'giraffe rom' and some fake virtual ones that have identical casing to bunny rom may have it. This house shaped casing and virtual pet on top of a pen type of toys seems to be unique to this 'giraffe rom' but pink houses seem to have bunny rom, as the youtuber I posted a vide of says and shows at the end of the video. So it is not a sure thing. But once I learned this pet's quirks and tricks, I am so in love!
Last night, my octopus died with 'bye' screen in his sleep. He was 20 years old, I guess tht's the life span of this pet. I took great care of him, I am in a bad period in my life and this simple toy helped me keep calm and I daresay, happy.

Back in 24in1 pets, octopus had 5 distinct growth stages I remember and drew them from memory:
Only baby and adult form is present in this fake pet, but at least it has a growth, unlike the horrendous 168in1
I cut the reset button cleanly, it can be pressed with a pointed object, now I can carry my pet in a pocket without fear of pushing it.
I chose an owl, which was also in originl 24in1, I never tried it, though.
This is the selection screen, adult form. (look, reset button is gone! hurray!)

here is hatchling, flapping its wings.. this pet has nice animations <3
I discovered how to cheat with the clock in several ways:
By setting it to 08.59 pm, the pet goes to sleep at 09.00 pm. Once asleep, you can not wake the pet up even if you play with the clock. It requires 6-8 hours of sleep. Later you can wake it up whenever you want, it does not wake up on its own. However, if the time passes 23.59 pm and it becomes 00.00, it ages 1 year. If it ages to 20 years old the pet dies.
I can age the pet rapidly by adjusting clock to 23.59 pm again and again, each time it hits 00.00 clock it ages.
I can prevent the ageing of it by just adjusting the clock whenever I want, just making sure it never ever hits 00.00 o'clock at night, it is super easy to make this pet immortal (barring neglect, ofcourse)
Once put to sleep at 9.00 pm it requires 6-8 hours of sleep and clock trick does not work in any way like I said, which is fine.

These tricks work only after the first 8 hours of babyhood period. In first 8 hours, the pet poops twice, gets hungry twice, falls asleep once for 1-2 hours and then again for 3-4 hours, not caring for the clock at all. It wakes up on its own only in this stage!!! After this stage passes, the pet grows to 4 years old and all the tricks above are available, as well as playing games.
When you wake it up, a weather condition occurs in after 5-10 minutes at the start of the day and you need to give either a hat or umbrella. It then regularly gets hungry and poops in 3-4 hours intervals. It is very easy to take care of.
I went back to my baby octopus after rapidly ageing the poor owl to try out clock tricks. This time I will make sure it grows to 10 years old naturally and then never ever grow up to 20 years old with the tricks I learned. Thus I can keep it healthy till the batteries are spent, I think.

I ordered four more from aliexpress. They gave me three green and one pink. Greens are the 'giraffe rom', this beloved 49in1 program. Pink comes with the default 168in1 terrible 'bunny rom' program.

One green pet did not work, the battery compartment looked damaged and the door did not fit at all. I took it apart, and took the bunny rom apart and tried to change the shells. Mind you I am terrible at this, and the resulting giraffe rom in pink house shell kinda worked, but pixels were missing and it resetted itself when you held it a little tighter. I think I was not able to put all the screws properly, or I damaged the lcd, or put the speaker metal in a wrong position so it touches the chip and short-circuits it thus causing a reset. Oh well, I trashed the pink one and the defunct green one. I still have two green spare ones.

I searched wide and far in the internet and was able to find this picture of the original 49in1, it was called happy games. It had original packaging and everything:

Also, this programming is very prevalent in Russia and in Russian sites I was able to discover this 49in1 programming in various shells:

My educated guess is, 'smart 24in1 baby&pets' was a russian clone of gyaoppi 10in1, with some extra characters added. Later, 49in1 was another clone this time based on 24in1, again by Russians. And then chinese took it and made some copies in inferior shells (house shape is cute and adorable but is of very bad quality and is very flimsy, that's why I wanted some spares!)

I will never be able to find a working original 24in1, but now I understand why I miss it so much. I miss the good old times I associate with it, not really the pet itself. Truly, 24in1 pet was of inferior quality than the gyaoppi 9in1 or 10in1 s, but it was my first. Oh well, this 49in1 sates me a bit and helps me live a little bit of nostalgia...which really is the point for taking care of tamagotchis&virtual pets for old geezers and grown-ups like me, anyway.
I ordered one of the house tamagotchi from aliexpress expecting to have the "giraffe rom" but sadly it has bunny rom. I can't seem to find anywhere the fake gyaoppi tamagotchi. Really want to find one of these as I have so many memories of having only this type of tamagotchi when I was a child.
I ordered one of the house tamagotchi from aliexpress expecting to have the "giraffe rom" but sadly it has bunny rom. I can't seem to find anywhere the fake gyaoppi tamagotchi. Really want to find one of these as I have so many memories of having only this type of tamagotchi when I was a child.
Did you get pink ones? Pink ones always have bunny rom, afaik. Express sellers do not let you choose colors. I asked in message they told that they have pink ones in abundance, other colors are rare now. Best bet is buying 10+ pcs and hoping for other color than pink.
Did you get pink ones? Pink ones always have bunny rom, afaik. Express sellers do not let you choose colors. I asked in message they told that they have pink ones in abundance, other colors are rare now. Best bet is buying 10+ pcs and hoping for other color than pink.
Oh yes it was a pink one. I will buy more and hopefully I get other colours.

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