Fake Devilgotchi? And hello btw :)


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Oct 29, 2018
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Hello everybody,

As I haven't found a thread, where you introduce yourself (or is there and I'm just blind? :huh: ) I am writing a short introduction in this thread ;)

I recently rekindled my love for Tamagotchis when I was digging around my old stuff and found my first Tama I got when I was a kid. I booted it right up and am hooked again for a few weeks now :D

I then started looking around the internet for some other Tamas that I don't own (my collection isn't really that big so far). I always wanted to have the devilgotchi even though it is so expesive. I came across a seller, who is selling a white and purple devilgotchi, but with a black back. After a short research I'm not sure if the do exist in this combination.. The only ones I have seen are the standard blacks with of course a black back. But the purple and white one always had a white back so far. I also thought that the devilgotchi was japan only? Why is the warning on the back in english then?

Is it a fake and the seller wants to cover it's actual condition or is it legit?

Is there a way to share a foto not via a link? If so I could upload a picture to this post to maybe make things even clearer ;)

Thanks so far in advance ^_^

The reason that Devilgotchis are so expensive it's because they've actually been recalled back in their time, the reason was terrible screws. It is entirely possible that that person destroyed that Devilgotchi's back after stripping the screws beyond hope and replaced the back with a back from a donor, possibly a normal vintage.

I really don't think it's a fake, there are no fake Devilgotchis.

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