Flagship Tamas for my Miscellaneous Tama artworks

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Dec 26, 2021
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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
So basically I am needing some Tamas from my m!x to be present in my miscellaneous artworks featuring them participating in various activities with any of the upcoming collab Nanos I will get (Evatchi is being the most recent upcoming addition to my collection, and will be my 1st licensed Nano, then followed by either another Evatchi or an Extellatchi (?) (I will not count Demon Slayer Tamagotchis because their source material contains massive gore and almost graphic depictions of mutilations (despite the Tama itself does not contain any gore))). The activities that they will participate in those artworks include (but not limited to): giving presents to the pet featured in the collab Nano (s), bathing the pet featured in the collab Nano (s), feeding (the food present in such art will change depending on which collab Tama is featured in the art, for example, if the art features the Evatchi, the food will be S2 Engines / watermelons (albeit the S2 Engine part might be pretty hard to draw since despite there are placeholder sprites for it on the Evatchi, we do not know what exactly the S2 Engine looks like)), playing games, and many more.

These would be probably used in my collab Nano logs, in which the artworks are meant to be accompanied with a caption describing the action in the art, and they are probably be dependant on the status of the collab Nano featured in the log (for example, if my Evatchi is hungry, I would show a pic of it being hungry and then accompanied by an art of any of these "flagship m!x My Tama mascots" feeding them, which is then followed by the pic of the Evatchi's Angel being happy after being fed).

So far, I have invented 3 slots for the position of my Flagship Tamas. Usually the first one on the list will appear in the art (s), but in fact the Tama featured in each art cycles between one of the three Flagship Tamas I've chosen. These Flagship Tamas include:
  1. Okayumetchi (at the point of writing this, Okayumetchi is my current Tama on the m!x; the m!xed child of Wagamemetchi (2nd gen m!xed child of Memetchi and Wagassiertchi) and Decoratchi)
  2. Kanmutchi (generation currently unknown, genetic pattern yet to be revealed)
  3. Miontchi (generation currently unknown, implied to be a child of my My Tama and any of the adults from Rainbow Hills)
The artworks for them will be revealed once each of them reached adulthood.
Stay tuned for more information regarding this, pals.:)