Games like Tamagotchi (Virtual/Retro/Simulation Pet) for Pc and Android (app) [Free].


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♤♡For pc◇♧ :

▪︎Eternitchi (2 links=> blog + discord link ; creator : sa311),
▪︎Tamagotchi simulator 3 (by Pheeraphat Sawangphian),
▪︎DVPet (Fandom website + discord link),
▪︎Hearithen ( + guide),
▪︎Tabagotchi (Chrome browser),
▪︎Desktop Goose (Windows).

♤♡On play store◇♧ :

LIKE TAMAGOTCHI (or rakuraku dinokun) : ▪︎Androgotchi,
▪︎Dinostalgia (must pay for other pet like penguin,etc (or you can buy to change the settings: like when it will go to sleep etc but it will not give more options in the game, you can support them with that) and you can donate too=> it is not the official Rakuraku dinokun),
▪︎Wildagotchi (very basic game; also catgotchi and dogotchi),
▪︎Hatchi (not on play store anymore),
▪︎Cthulhu (1&2),
▪︎Noa noa (more like gestion),
▪︎Hearithen (from the developer of Eternitchi😊, you must pay more attention to the pet, and the game is original. Not easy to first understand, there is the manual in the attachment),
▪︎Tamagotchi classic (= official, not on play store anymore)
▪︎Tamadroid (free, the colors are not so pretty and it is for 1,19€, it doesn't have so much functions but for that price it is ok).

▪︎DGmonsters VPet,
▪︎Dungeon Pets - Dunpets,
▪︎Monster Journey,

▪︎Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp,
▪︎Happy Pet Story (not a fan).

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■MORE MODERN GAMES on play store :
• Pou,
• Moy,
• My chicken - Virtual Pet Game,
• My boo,
• My chu - Virtual Pet,
• My cat mimitos 2,
• Amaru,
• Bubbu - My Virtual Pet Cat (or Duddu),
• Pet idle,
• Pakka Pets Village (take time to access to other activities: must lvl up your garden, no games in the app otherwise (must wait or pay)),
• My tamagotchi forever (not a fan).

♡♡Enjoy 😊 and tell me if you know something that I can add 🥰. My favorites tamagotchi-style for android: Androgotchi, Dinostalgia, Hearithen, Cthulhu (1).♡♡

If you want a tamagotchi (Bandai), be aware of fakes ones though !!!!
Ahhhh Thanks for sharing, so sweet <3