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Nov 12, 2006
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Wowzers, so many people really seemed to have an issue with a non-Tama pet! Let me just say I am very open-minded to odd pets of all sorts. Power Palz are just one of many copies, knock-offs, or call them as you see fit. I'm personally interested to see how they function, however simple they might be. No matter whether it functions or not, it will be a very nice add-on to my collection! Have a great summer, everyone!

The latest topic bashing Power Palz in this sub-fourm is 8 years old. Everybody's likely grown up since then and I'm fairly certain their is no stigma attached to having an odd pet. Back in the times some people were getting riled up about them they were easy to come by, but now they are considerably more pricey and rare that only collectors pursue them. Tamagotchis can be considered higher quality due to how they are so well documented and have an element of surprise, while most odd pets are obscure and have a limited character pool.

Personally, I'm still curious about other virtual pets because there is a potential for them to be a half-decent substitute to a Tamagotchi with unexpected variety. After getting a Nekotcha - a lousy virtual pet with barely any animations or features even compared to your run-of-the-mill virtual pet - my hunger for odd pets was abruptly halted, but now I know to research them before I buy them. I'm quite interested in reading logs on other virtual pets and if you so happen to do one about your Power Palz, I will be most delighted to read it.

Such is why I used the past tense in my observations. Time has certainly changed and I'm personally glad that odd pets are no longer criticized as clones, copies, and knock-offs. I might keep a log on my Power Palz. Too bad I didn't get two, I heard they can marry and mix species. That might have been neat to experiment with! Ah well, there's always an opportunity to pick up another one on the cheap down the road!

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