Happy New Hatch! (2015) Log


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Aug 26, 2014
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Happy new year, everyone! Here is the place to log starting as soon as new years hits your time zone.

Happy New Year to all!

Started up my v3 after returning home from the festivities at church... It's a girl! I named her Rose, after my favorite companion of The Doctor. I'm waiting for her to call it a night so I can do the same. Will post pictures soon! :)

12:03 in CA!

My Tama-Go is a boy 1 year old, and my music stars is a girl adult.

They're both asleep, so see you tomorrow, OR, TODAY LATER!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2015!!!!!


Happy 2015! I hope this year is a great one for everyone and their tamas~! <3

A few minutes after midnight, our eggs hatched into two sweet bundles of blobby joy who promptly went straight to bed. I guess 12am was too late for the little things. Cute cute.

Good afternoon! Rose and I have enjoyed our morning so far. Here are a few of our late night photos:

It's always exciting waiting for the hatch!

She couldn't be any more adorable. :)

After waiting up along with her, Rose changed into Mizutamatchi & promptly fell asleep. She was happy to see me in the morning.

Rose really enjoyed receiving her first toy! Who knew that a stuffed lion would be so exciting?

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Happy new year!

I started my tamagotchi at 1 am because i was too busy playing sims at 12 lol.

the egg hatched into a girl and i named her cat i took care of her for an hour and then she went to bed.

at noon when i woke up she got the mail to go to preschool but she got robbed 300 p a couple mins later

that's all for now! :D


Hunger: 4 hearts :D

Happiness: 4 hearts :D

12lbs :D

Apologies for not posting at midnight! I was busy with festivities with the family. I hatched my brand new V6 right after our champagne toast at midnight. The batteries immediately died, guess it's been in the package for too long. I put new batteries in and hatched a baby boy. I'm noticing the buttons are a little hard to push, but it's fine. Today, I have a Kuribotchi named Gyro, 0 years old, 10 lbs. I will now be reading the instructions since I've never ran a V6 and I have no idea how the music aspects work!

Happy new year, everyone! I changed the clock on my P's to marry it right before midnight and ended up having a baby girl for my second generation. Unfortunately, I forgot to grab my parent's camera before they went to bed, so I wasn't able to take any pictures of her in the baby stage. She evolved into Terupotchi and immediately went to sleep. This morning I was able to get some pictures.



That's all from me until she evolves into a teen, or something else exciting happens.

Sorry for being a little late! I started up my music star instead of my tamagotchi friends cus I was getting upset with the little bugger. I kept getting the same characters!



A little boy Petitchi hatched! I named him Brio! (a musical term for with spirit or vigor)

his stats are like this right now

Tone: 279

Rhythm: 279

Original: 279

And it looks like he's into Hip-Hop right now!


He promptly took a poo break, got sick, took a nap and evolved into none other thaaan: Kuchitamatchi!


also! @rarach That's so cute! I love it when little tamas take their toys to bed <3

My little boy is tired... Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything about it, so I let him sleep.

He didn't do much today, got sick once, pooped, the usual.


Poor guy... All this New Year fuss must have been a lot for him!

And my Music stars, although she's adult now, is too!

Obviously I started with a Kinotchi. (The cute little Blue Mushroom baby)

He quickly turned into Ahirukutchi after pooping all over the living room. He grew out of that due to me catching his first defecation as a child, causing the cute little potty duck scene.

I also fed him lots of Sushi (Not sure if that's why he pooped a lot or not, I'll assume that until further investigation).

Next post I'll show him going to the Hexagon Park place and maybe other places, stay tuned ~


Gyro (my V6) grew into Kikitchi today! Still trying to learn how the Music Star works. He can't go to school anymore it seems. Hearts all full, Stress is at 00, Tone is 98, Rhythm is 84, Original is 91. I'm not sure what are good numbers in each to have, but we'll see what happens!

EDIT: Got a picture!


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@Miau, I have the same music star as you. Neat! :)

So, today was full of exciting things! When I woke up this morning, I found that Rose had changed to Obotchi! Her little bit of curly hair in front is too cute!

Since she's grown a bit, I wanted to see if her stuffed lion was still her favorite...

Even though it seems she blushed a little, she's still quite fond of it!

We bought some building blocks at the shop today. Rose promptly built an impressive tower. She was so proud she sat down to admire it!

Later on in the day, a plant was in the shop! I hoped Rose would have good luck with it. She did! 100 gotchi points!

After dinner, we bought a ball at the shop. I wasn't sure if Rose would like it, but she gave it a chance. It wasn't quite her cup of tea.. hehe.

Before I knew it, Rose decided it was time for a bath, shortly followed by bedtime. After all the new toys today, it seems her stuffed lion is still the best!

Yesterday afternoon, Gyro joined up with his band, which I named Zarbles. The band did a lot of practicing together and became fast friends at the music school. Early this morning, Gyro grew up into a Mametchi! I had him meet up with the band so they could grow up too, and tried to pass with the judges, but the Gaijintchi at the end did not pass them. :( (( Gyro said he'd practice very hard so they could debut.

Stats: 2 years, 30 lbs, full hunger, full happiness, stress is at 09, tone is at 222, rhythm is at 237, and original is at 227. The band plays two pianos and one violin and are classified as Classical Musicians.

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At 1 AM He turned into a Kikitchi! (back in the day Kikitchi used to be a teenager believe it or not)

We soon traveled to the Park to see an old friend...

It was Nonopotchi! They reunited with a song and dance (As if they were Lovelitchi and Meloditchi, Or maybe the youngin's might know it as Kiraritchi and Yumemitchi)


After going there seperate ways, Kikitchi decided he wanted to go to the TamaTown Fair.

He arrived at the TTF

He quickly decided that he wanted to go on the Haunted House.

He really liked it... as he sat on the ground crying recouping he decided he wanted to go to the TamaTemple to pray all the evil spirits away.


He really liked it... as he sat on the ground crying recouping he decided he wanted to go to the TamaTemple to pray all the evil spirits away.

They sweet Temple keeper gave Kikitchi a package.

Kikitchi nervously flipped it over and started to shake...

... the note that came out was a good fortune note, Kikitchi sighed in relief.

Due to the good fortune Kikitchi went and shopped for a while at the TamaDepa

~Stayed Tuned to see what he gets!~


I didn't have a chance to log yesterday because I was out for most of the day, but my P's evolved into Nokobotchi. I intentionally got a few care misses and played with the ball. This morning I woke up to the sound of her evolving into Pekopekotchi. I decided to let her play with the ball, for old times sake, and discovered it was one of her happy items. After that I looked up the rest of her happy items and gave her some luxury curry.


She has half of her pieces now!


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