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Dec 12, 2015
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chillin' with my tamas
Welcome to the log for the "hatch your favorite tamagotchi(s)" hatch!

If you've signed up for the hatch, this is where you will be logging your progress with your tama(s). 

I hope to see you here on Sunday, May 17th! Happy hatching!  :D

Hi! my V4  has been hatched and its a girl! I named her "tama".


And now she is sleeping.


So that is it!  :)  good bye!

Time has come yay!  :D

I decided to participate in this group hatch with two of my V4.5’s, as it’s clearly one of my favorite versions ;)  

I choose these two shells from my collection:


I was able to resurrect them both before going to bed. As you can see, they hatched and I’ve got two lovely boys, and they are both on 2nd generation.

The leopard print name is: Caleo

Blue shell name is: Bob

Took care of them very well and played few games to keep their happiness meter full, and also to gain some skill points:


After approximately one hour they both evolved to Kuchitamatchi. Right after they evolved I was able to play with Caleo but couldn’t unfortunately play with Bob since it’s too late and I was expecting them to go to bed.


Right after I won with Caleo they both slept. That’s it for today.  ^_^


A quick summary of their health meter status:

Caleo: 0 yr, 18lb.

Funny😊: 19

Gorgeous🔆: 9

Spiritual✊: 8

Bob: 0 yr, 20lb.

Funny😊: 2

Gorgeous🔆: 9

Spiritual✊: 9

Tomorrow is a new day and definitely will be playing more games, collecting gotchi points and gaining personality skills.

My aim during this group hatch is to get one of them to evolve from UraMame family and the other from UraKuchi family.  :rolleyes:

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Started my Uratama up last night before I went to sleep. Got a girl in the Name family who I named ❤️⭐❤️(to more easily see her name on pages) going to try and get an Ura Zukyutchi from her which is a character I've never gotten before.


Here's her and her stats as of this morning after getting her first visit from her teacher.

Really like the games in this one more than most other models because they're a bit more unique (and easy to get through fast) than the others I've used recently.

I'm loving everyones' logs so far! Lots of beautiful shells... looks like we got a bunch of connection lovers in this hatch, haha!

I hatched my v2 this afternoon. I wanted to say bye to my previous gen, but when I popped my battery in, there was no option to download, it just gave me an egg and made me set the clock. This has happened to my v6 before and I'm still unsure if it's a problem with the battery causing a glitch or what, but it's pretty upsetting to lose your progress like that, so if anyone has experienced this and knows the root of this issue, let me know!

Anyways, with a fresh start and an open mind, I hatched the egg and got a baby girl. I decided to name her Xiao ("sh-ow" if that makes sense), which is a Chinese word that can have lots of different meanings, but in this case I'm calling her Xiao as in "small". I like to think this name pays tribute to the adventures I had when I brought this same v2 with me to China 2 years ago. It was the only tama I brought on that trip but I don't regret a thing.

Xiao ate so much bread and pudding and played jump a lot in her short time as a baby. She even won the game, which takes a lot of fast reflexes on her part.  ;)  I love the v2 and would consider it my favorite not only for the characters, but also the games are really fun! I like how it's simple but still has a store so you can be rewarded by playing games.

Here's Xiao as a Shiropetitchi with my succulent and then with my Mametchi on the tamawalkie that I started yesterday (he sits down to eat which is the cutest thing ever). My tamawalkie isn't part of the hatch, but I just wanted to photograph them together because I thought their shells complemented each other nicely.


After an hour of her demanding attention, Xiao finally evolved into Marutchi. I decided to use some codes at the shop and get her some items, but the only one I decided to use for now was the steak. After eating it, she was super happy and did a little dance and blushed!


It seems like everyone has a goal in mind for what adult they want. The v2 can be pretty random since there's 3 possible adults for each care level, which are different depending on the generation you're on. I'm praying for a Pochitchi, but I'm just as likely to get a Kuchipatchi or Ginjirotchi. Fingers crossed! I mean really, they're all cute anyways.  :D  When I visited the shop, I spotted the sausage stick, which is Pochitchi's favorite, so I bought it with high hopes. Saving it just for him!

Also, I'm planning on running my v2 for a few generations after this, so if anyone else is going to do the same with their tamas, we can continue logging the next generations here if you want!

Hi Everyone!! I am very excited to start this Hatch with you all  :D   

When booting up my Tama friends, I picked the horizontal striped egg which turned out to be a baby boy, Aokumotchi. I can't name them on this version, but I secretly call him Wolfgang after my favorite animal crossing villager  :ichigotchi: . Wolfgang ate a whole ton of bread and I took him to the Cafe where he enjoyed pizza. Whenever he was going to poop, I tried to click the toilet icon quick so he didn't make no mess in my house  :angry: . After about an hour, Aokumotchi evolved into Mitsumarutchi the ladybug boy, which I was real happy about. Wolfgang's just chilling now, playing balloon and eating pizza and bread. What a life honestly.



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Doing a second update for the day so that I can get most of my future updates around the same time. 

Played enough of the 3rd game so that her 3rd stat (not sure what exactly it's called on the UraTama) is now 110.

The idea of a tamagotchi without arms karate chopping planks with a human hand was so humorous to me I had to draw this


Anyway that's all for today see you all tomorrow! 

Hello guys!  ^_^

Wanted to share what happened today with Bob an Caleo.

Since they woke up I’ve been looking after them and played some few games wasn’t really able to play that much today, but definitely was there to feed them when they needed to, did some time-out cause they peeped for no reason ;)  and definitely praised them.

I took them to pre-school today two times because why not and they both did a great job on the second time, I guess as long as the training bar is higher the more they are skilled and tend to do more well.


While they were visiting and playing together, I noticed there was an animation which unfortunately I couldn’t take a pic of, they were talking on their cell phones  :mellow:  I don’t remember I have seen it before, but it definitely was a cool mini animation.

Today is the day they should evolve from toddlers to teenagers, that only happened to Caleo who now became Daiyatchi. The reason why Bob is the same is because I found him on “pause” and I don’t really remember pausing him  :huh:  the only thing I’m worried about is he will take a little too longer to evolve and we definitely don’t want that!  :(

There might a change of plans here since Caleo evolved into Daiyatchi and I was planning to get him evolve into someone from the UraMame family. No one really knows but chances to get UraMametchi is not that high compared to UraMeme family. I’m thinking of UraTogetchi now...


Lastly, I would like to update you with their skill points progress:

Caleo: 1 yr, 15lb.

Funny😊: 47

Gorgeous🔆: 18

Spiritual✊: 19

Bob: 1 yr, 13lb.

Funny😊: 18

Gorgeous🔆: 25

Spiritual✊: 32

Will be back tomorrow with another update! :D  

Hey guys! Wolfgang evolved into Cosmotchi. He's just been chilling, now I can take him to school and train him up. I'm probably going to go for the "Gourmet" points cause I like cooking myself. Active might be cool as well, but Social is just alright. He loves taking baths and getting my attention  :ichigotchi:



Not much of an update today. She played with her teacher a couple times bought a snack item that I can't identify from the shopman and went to sleep.

I'm expecting her to evolve in the morning when she wakes up.

Xiao is a Ringotchi as of this afternoon!


She's taking a bath!

Today was pretty uneventful, I'm just trying to rack up gotchi points so I can buy more things from the shop. She didn't get a whole lot of attention today because of schoolwork, but she also didn't get any care mistakes! I will have to make sure she has 2 over the next few days in order to get (hopefully) Pochitchi.

See you tomorrow!  ^_^

Back for today’s update! :)  

Both Caleo & Bob are Daiyatchi now which definitely ruined my plans for their final evolution!  :p

Today they were able to go to school, for Bob he is taking classes with Ms. Flower so I can increase his gorgeous skill, and for Caleo he is with Mr. Canvas so we can get his spiritual skill as high as possible.

The new plan is to get Caleo to evolve into “Uratogetchi” and Bob into “Yasaguretchi”

That’s it for today, wasn’t able to be to do much with them today as I was focusing to get my work done for college, will definitely come back tomorrow to show you all the progress.

This is their skill stats for today:

Caleo: 1 yr, 27lb.

Funny😊: 47

Gorgeous🔆: 18

Spiritual✊: 59

Bob: 1 yr, 24lb.

Funny😊: 22

Gorgeous🔆: 48

Spiritual✊: 32

That’s it, see you tomorrow!  ^_^

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Hey guys, Wolfgang evolved into Kuchipatchi today!! I wanted to go for Knighttchi, who is the perfect care Gourmet character, but I must has messed up somewhere. I love Kuchipatchi though, so I'm real glad I got him!  :ichigotchi:  He likes jumping around a lot and gets my attention to send me his love often. What a cutie!  :wub:



I totally forgot to grab pictures while she was awake but she evolved into Zouritchi this morning. I neglected her a tiny bit while I was working but she pulled through and I was able to keep her going. Might have to get one of those Butler things to care for her tomorrow though.

Totally forgot to update yesterday, sorry! 

Xiao really didn't do that much anyways. She's still a Ringotchi and is expected to evolve tomorrow. I gave her a care mistake this morning and will do the same tomorrow. Still praying for that Pochitchi!

I have been stocking up on a lot of treats for future gens favorite foods just for fun. Fruit juice is Ringotchi's fav, but I haven't seen it at the shop yet. She just spends her days dancing, eating cereal, and playing a lot of jump and heading.

Hello again..  :rolleyes:  

Sorry about not posting or updating you guys yesterday as I was really busy with college but luckily now I’m done so I can look after my virtual children!  :D

Yesterday nothing special happened except maybe Caleo evolved to Uratogetchi and today morning Bob is now  Yasaguretchi. I’m absolutely happy with both of their evolutions no complains here! ;)  

Caleo graduated from school and now he’s working at the gym.


Still waiting for Bob to graduate and I might try and see if he will be accepted for the Hospital 🏥

Quick update on their stats:

Caleo: 3 yr, 76lb.

Funny😊: 47

Gorgeous🔆: 18

Spiritual✊: 71

Bob: 3 yr, 65lb.

Funny😊: 22

Gorgeous🔆: 56

Spiritual✊: 36

That’s it for today.  ^_^

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